Resident Evil HD Remaster Achievements/Trophies Revealed

Capcom has revealed the achievements and trophies for its upcoming Resident Evil remake remaster. You can check them out below along with their value.

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DarkBlood1376d ago

Using only knife? Oh god nooooooooooo lol

cfc781376d ago

Easy lol i'll be trying it on hard that sounds like real survival horror.

Matt6661374d ago

so your going to take a hunter on with your knife

DarkOcelet1375d ago

Thats an excellent list , will get the 1000 gs just like i did in RE 4,5,6 , code veronica , operation raccoon city and revelations :) .

cfc781376d ago

All looks like you'd expect with a few challenges thrown in.

Skate-AK1375d ago

Nice, happy it has a platinum.

DarkOcelet1375d ago

I wonder which is harder ? This or the orignal on Ps1 .. cant wait to find out .

girlwithturn1374d ago

Nice one! After garbage trophies from Chronicles, RE4, CV HD, they finally will make full set.