Dev Confirms Halo 2 SuperJump Glitch Will Be Present in Halo: MCC for Xbox One

The most standout glitch in Halo 2 was "SuperJump", will it feature in upcoming Xbox One exclusive collection, Halo: The Master Chief Collection? According to 343 Industries' Dan Ayoub, SuperJump glitch has been left in Halo 2 with HALO:

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mixolydian_id1549d ago

This is actually quiete big news!

Getting out of the map on Terminal, Headlong, Ascension etc.

Gonna be cool... but annoying on the Ranked playlist side of things :S

XBLSkull1549d ago

They said it was all original I quite expected this to be the case. Gonna be nice to play ranked Halo 2 without worrying about standbyers and modders lol. Really plagued the experience once you were high enough level. This game deserves GotY. I hope it isn't overlooked because they are older games, it definitely deserves consideration, it really is a new game.

mixolydian_id1548d ago

Yeh man, when I was younger I couldn't ever get higher the 35 because the modders would come along and ruin christmas lol.

Standbyers did happen... but I like to think in hindsight, that it was more down to old standards of networking.
We're now years ahead of the old (G) router standard for wifi with the 5 Ghz frequency band being rolled out as standard to BT/virign (and likely more customers).
Powerline adaptors are now way more affordable then they used to be too, so you can have wired connectivity in any room of the house, without running leads everywhere!

Dedicated servers though... boom! No more hosts with abysmal connectivity running around taking peers to the cleaners for new undies!.

I could swear that, to super bounce, you had to enable "PAL 60" from the xbox dashboard?

It'll be nice that all the practice I'd done on bouncing in the past will come back to play a part in the game :)

Foehammer1549d ago (Edited 1549d ago )


343 really understands Halo fans.

can't wait

Eidolon1549d ago (Edited 1549d ago )

Nice, I wonder if they could even fix it in the old engine..or even tried :p

breakpad1549d ago

oou super feature that will make me buy it for sure...are you serious?? instead of makung a proper remaster(now Halo2 remaster looks previous gen) and advertise the quality of the game you advertise crap feature like super glitch jump??

Xb1ps41549d ago

If you still need more convincing to buy this game, IMO nothing will get you to want this game.. This is how a remaster should be halo mcc set the standard very high..

LazyGoron1549d ago

This collection is a 5/10 at best... Two games have nothing done to them. It's just rendered in a higher res.

Halo 1 anniv is having nothing done to it besides a Res jump as well (third time releasing the same game... No playstation game is Rereleased on 3 consecutive games)

Halo 2 is legitimately the only game deserving the title "remaster edition". They're actually doing work on it.

Find it funny people praise this game when it's giving you 3 rehashes at a higher res and then one kind of updated game.

Vegamyster1549d ago


All of them will be 1080 60 fps with all the dlc bundled in, Halo 1 anniversary didn't include the original multiplayer but this one will.

700p1549d ago

lmao gamepard stop. Anyways this is awesome news!

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The story is too old to be commented.