What I Want From Bloodborne

With the successor to the Souls series on the horizon, I look at the things I hope carry over from its predecessors.

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Malice-Flare1524d ago

abandon its RPG roots? bad direction to go to...

NattyGraham1524d ago

No one cares what you want

marloc_x1524d ago

..except everyone who clicked.

Inception1524d ago

"For one thing, it shouldn’t abandon its RPG roots"

Uhhh it's not

"foremost among them being the stamina bar"

Uhh yes it still had stamina bar

"What both of those also speak to is the level of difficulty"

Uhh yes the difficulty still hard. Even when the demo on gamescom got some downgrade in difficulty, but no one can beat the cleric beast.

"Both Dark and Demon’s offered up unique worlds largely inspired by medieval Europe that were positively dynamic in their atmosphere"

Uhhh Bloodborne already had unique world inspired by victorian era and so far it looks dynamic too.

"Much of this is being spoken of in a very hypothetical sense"

Lol, did the author just skip a lot of gameplay trailer and interview with Miyazaki???