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DarkOcelet1376d ago (Edited 1376d ago )

Oh my god ! Finally . It looks awesome . Look at the part with the Dinasour , its graphics are unreal ! And the game looks huge . I cant wait . Almost there . Took you long enough .

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Snookies121376d ago (Edited 1376d ago )

Agreed, the graphics... My eyes are melting, despite the agonizing pain I've never been happier...

Yi-Long1376d ago

Looks great. Please let the western release have an option for Japanese voices. Please Please Please Please Please Please.

dcj05241376d ago

Yi just import. Japanese version will surely be in Japanese.

DevilOgreFish1376d ago (Edited 1376d ago )

can't tell much from the trailer other that it looks great, some things in the game appear to standout, though it's nothing different from what we've seen in FF7 and FF8. I just hope the story is something new and wonderful.

camel_toad1376d ago

Well after watching that I'm pretty sure I'm about to love Final Fantasy again. WOW.

bouzebbal1376d ago

graphics are great but gameplay doesn't seem engaging. let's see!

frenchtoast1376d ago

The demo of this game will probably be better than the entirety off the FF13 saga

batterystrength1376d ago

You guys can't be serious. The cast looks like they were taken straight from a bad J-pop band. And then there is the car, not that a car in a FF-game is something out of place, but just look at it. Can it be any more ridiculous?

The whole trailer is just cringeworthy, the effemniate characters, that black pimp car, the idiotic dialogue. The only thing that's missing is bad pop music and it would be perfect.

What I gather from the trailer is that this game is going to be about japanese models driving around in a pimp's car fighting monsters à la Dragon's Dogma whilst complaining that they want to take a bath.

aCasualGamer1376d ago

Amazing... but i'm so disappointed they didn't announce a release date. Just give us 2015 and i'll be pleased... Not "in development". Oh well, lets hope it won't be another eight years of waiting.

mochachino1375d ago

Definitely looks like a next-gen game imo. Wow.

cocadaking1375d ago

@batterystrength agreed, I used to love Tetsuya's character design from FFVIII and Parasite Eve era, anybody did relate to those characters because they all didn't look from any specific place (I know, I know, it's a japanese game, but still it's a big letdown for me).
I think the combat and character's movement look better than anything I've ever seen before though.

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BitbyDeath1376d ago

That car tho, take it out plz SE, stop ruining the FF vibe.

Snookies121376d ago (Edited 1376d ago )

There have been other FF games with cars... FF VII and VIII had them.

Qrphe1376d ago

Never have we ever had cars in FF before (VII was the first but this one is from 8)

BitbyDeath1376d ago


dasbeer881376d ago

I was promised airships for traveling...not a car.

Snookies121376d ago

@dasbeer88 - Who said the airship was taken out? Last I heard, it's in the game.

dasbeer881376d ago


Those were in a cutscene. Besides everybody has really strange emotions, it's like as though they're all Tidus in disguised. And I was very disappointed that Noctis isn't left handed. He probably would've been the very first FF protagonist who was a left handed swordfighter.

Irishguy951376d ago

You were promised Airships, Cars and chocobos dasbeer, also enemy vehicles in combat. Just because the trailer didn't show them doesn't mean they ain't in it

Deathdeliverer1375d ago

The car is the new chocobo obviously. It will be your means to get around when outside of cities. Its the "fast travel". I like it. Cloud gets on a cool ass motorcycle and its cool but Noctis gets in a car and its a no go? To each their own. Im sure where it can travel will be restricted and that you will have to travel on foot to discover some of the best secrets. Kinda like how finding Yojimbo or Knights of the Round summons in FF7 had to be found off the beaten course. I hated how linear FF10 was up until damn near the end, and FF13 was so linear that it was literally a track from beginning to end. I only hope this is more open, and seeing how it appears you can get in and out the car wherever you want, its looking likely.

kingdom181375d ago

"This is a fantasy, based on reality" - FFXV Tagline

geddesmond1374d ago

Yeah lol I thought the exact same thing. Not the fact that you can drive a car but it looks like it has no physics or interaction with the road

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3-4-51376d ago

This game looks awesome.


Improved graphics since the first current gen trailers. Well done!

Magicite1376d ago (Edited 1376d ago )

A GOTY and best FF of all times confirmed! (a man can dream, right...right?)

P.S. Another trailer, another hype dose for another year :D

GTgamer1376d ago

Yes assesses assesses looks amazing been waiting too damn long.

Hellsvacancy1376d ago

"It's been a long time coming, almost there"

Awesome way to troll people, was a really nice touch to the trailer that looked EPIC

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Neoninja1376d ago

Not bad, loving the combat! Here's hoping it comes out sometime this decade lol.

PS4isKing_821376d ago

OMG!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! !

-Foxtrot1376d ago

It's been a long time shit

Spenok1376d ago

Lol you KNOW that was put there on purpose. xD.

And it ends with, "Almost there." God please let this be coming out sooner rather than later.

Kurisu1376d ago

*completes FFXV demo in March*

"Coming September 2015"


Spenok1376d ago


A man can dream. I hope! lol

AceBlazer131376d ago

If we're lucky we might get it this decade.