Be a “player of games” rather than a “gamer”, no thank you!

Amber writes: "#GamerGate. I’m sure you’ve all heard about this by now and if you haven’t, you’re one of the lucky ones. Not only are gaming journalists coming under fire, and rightly so, but so is the term “gamer” and those that use it. A barrage of articles popped up on multiple gaming related websites over the last few weeks stating that we should disown the term gamer, completely rid it from our vocabulary and coin a new term such as “player of games” to describe ourselves, but why should we?"

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AmbaLaBamba1373d ago

Midnight rant of sorts, I apologize for wasting anyone's time!

randomass1711373d ago

Nice rant. I really liked the article. I personally don't want the term gamer to go away either. A few bad eggs does not mean the term gamer or gamers in general are dead and I also agree with the sentiment that the term applies to anyone who is passionate about and plays many games.

Godmars2901373d ago (Edited 1373d ago )

And yet you've only commented, instead of removing this drivel.

And really, after all the BS about "updating" the term gamer, "a player of games" is the best anyone has come up with?

Maybe. But then by my lower, earlier comment, I stopped reading it at a certain point. A point where I drew a conclusion.

randomass1711373d ago

Isn't drivel a little harsh? He was defending the term gamer in the article and speaks very positively about the medium. But judging from your comment below, I take it you did not read past the second paragraph?

born_naughty1373d ago

Thank you for apologizing.

mcarsehat1373d ago

There are Gamers who buy and play games because they like them, they don't care what is said or done in the industry, they just want to be entertained.

Then there are the others that maliciously insult, complain about, skit, rip, riff, shit on the things that they don't approve on.

If the term "Gamer" represents the latter; i am not a gamer anymore.

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Serrafina1373d ago

Well, it's your opinion.

randomass1711373d ago

That's why it's an opinion piece! :P

Serrafina1373d ago

I know, that's why I'm surprise the author has apologized.

Godmars2901373d ago

"The term however is now outdated and the description should be altered and updated,"

Stopped reading there...

BrandanT1373d ago

"I'm a player of games"... That's incredibly awkward to say. I don't understand what's wrong with calling ourselves "gamers." It's grammatically correct; adding "er" to the end of a verb turns the verb into a noun, For example, if the word was "read" adding "er" to change it to "reader" turns the verb into a noun meaning "one who reads." So, "gamer" just means "one who games."
Why do feminists always have to make things so cumbersome? Maybe one day, they'll change "reader" to " a looker of books who mentally uses the given characters to make grammatical structures in order to understand the story that the author wanted to share."

mad-dog1373d ago

It is an akward thing to say. Who really says that anyway?.. you say "i play games". Like "i read books" and "i listen to music". You don't say "i'm a reader" or "i'm a reader of books".

Both are stupid.

Calling yourself a gamer gives the impression that you limit yourself, or dedicate your life (for a large part) to one type of entertainment. That's a personal choice. But for me gaming is just one type of entertainment. So no, i wouldn't call myself a "gamer". I play games though. Sure.

DragonKnight1373d ago

"Calling yourself a gamer gives the impression that you limit yourself."

Literally have had zero people ever express that idea until right now when you pulled it out of the dark ether of nothingness.

Gamer is just an easy was to say you play video games. It's a way to describe the group of people for whom gaming is more than just a passing hobby. It's not a restriction on entertainment choices.

hkgamer1373d ago

no one calls or labels themselves a reader.

i also think gamer is a weird term but if you like to call yourself that then you have the right to. i dont think gamer is associated with anything else so why bother changing it?
maybe i need to readup on the details of this gamergate thing, or should we call it #playerofgamesgate

ruefrak1373d ago

People label themselves as readers all the time.

Spotie1373d ago

They've all pretty much got their own terms. Movie lovers are buffs, or cinephiles. Book lovers- specifically books- are bookworms, though you CAN be called an avid reader if you cross formats regularly, like I do. People that like to tinker with cars are called gearheads or motorheads.

Why can't we just be gamers? What's weird about it? And why isn't there this movement to force gender-related changes on anything else that's male-oriented?

Why aren't we men trying to force daytime talk shows and soap operas into catering to us? We watch TV, too.

Oh, wait. Because that's stupid.

DragonKnight1373d ago

"no one calls or labels themselves a reader."

7 billion people in the world. Your study must be thousands of pages long and contain only 2 columns. One filled with 7 billion names, and the other with either a yes or a no beside the question "labels themselves as gamer." When can I expect to see it?

hkgamer1373d ago

well, i always though the term gamer was stupid. actual not a big fan of slapping a name on anyone.

but i do agree that player of games is downright stupid.

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