Eurogamer: Alone in the Dark Review

Alone in the Dark is ultimately likeable, even lovable. It's stunning to look at it in places, too, and it's capable of classic gaming moments: quieter than the Would You Kindlies and This Was A Triumphs, but just as special. And in Edward Carnby's practical survivor, Eden has a tool players will enjoy sharpening. The problem is that every time you get excited about Alone in the Dark, it shuts you down.

At times it's akin to Atari's Boiling Point: Road To Hell of three years ago; throw any score on the ten-point scale and it will stick to something, but there's so much friction on the lower end that it's often impossible to pull away and remember when you brushed past genius. You want to love it, but it just keeps letting you down, and in the end that's the impression that sticks to the wall and stays there.

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wolfehound223828d ago

Wow pretty surprised by these low score. Thought this game would be better. Still going to wait and read some more reviews. But this is probably going to be a rent at best.

Salta_nelas3827d ago

If they gave this game an 8 they would put it at the same level as

Closing3827d ago (Edited 3827d ago )

Eurogamer is as untrustworthy as they come so I'll wait for reviews from sources with actual merit.

MK_Red3827d ago

Well, 7/10 from EuroGamer is a pretty good score. They are pretty harsh critics and plus, it's much better than the 3/10 the game got from GameReactor.