Why Destiny’s Critical “Failure” Could be Great for Games

Twinfinite: This past week, Destiny gave us a reason to brush away the blanket of dust that had been collecting on our consoles all summer. We looked forward to putting our new boxes through their paces with a sparkly fresh IP with a brand new story, new characters, and new weapons; the possibilities seemed endless. When September 9th rolled around, however, and the initial launch day excitement started to unwind, it became pretty clear that Destiny, beneath its star studded, gorgeously textured facade, was just that – an ordinary shooter.

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Lord_Sloth1550d ago

*is enjoying the game greatly*

ab5olut10n1550d ago

Say word. Maybe it isn't "revolutionary" or "groundbreaking", but it IS the most gaming fun I've had in a while. It's definitely brought me out of my game funk.

Eddie201011550d ago (Edited 1550d ago )

It's not a critical failure, half or more of the reviews are good and many by reputable sites and reviewers.

user3672721550d ago

So Developers can take the criticism and improved upon it. Assassin's creed is a great example. It was a hyped new IP that did only avg on reviews for the first game but the developer took the criticism and made the sequels better and the result is it became a very successful franchise for UBISoft. I have no doubt Watchdogs will fillow suite and hope Bungie does as well with Destiny 2.

LordMaim1549d ago

Bungie will continue to improve Destiny, adding content and items long before Destiny 2. And of course there are two expansion packs that will go even further than the free content will.

Destiny 2 is still a long way away.

DualWielding1550d ago

I'm glad it's not been well received critically because if it had been doing well then we'll get more games like it and I don't want that....

LamerTamer1550d ago

The trend that is bad with games like this is the online requirement even in SP mode. Microsoft was bashed for always online but now suddenly it is OK in games? Such hypocrisy in the game world.

JackBNimble1550d ago

It's one thing to have the odd game always online , it's completely different if your console of choice had to be online just to play anything.

Tex1171549d ago

You do see the difference in a game designed to be MMOish and a console to always be online correct?

MysticStrummer1549d ago

It's not hypocrisy because it isn't the same thing.

At all.

MysticStrummer1549d ago

"if it had been doing well then we'll get more games like it and I don't want that."

If you had bothered to read a preview you would have known what you were buying.

DualWielding1549d ago

Oh I know what Destiny is and I didn't buy it because I know I wouldn't like it..... but I know if Destiny had been receiving all praise instead of criticism then other developers would follow suit, making all games about a social experience and neglecting to provide a good single player experience.... that's why I'm happy Destiny is being criticized... this and the flop of Titanfall has shown developers that people still care about single player

DivoJones1550d ago

It's very cliche` to bash Destiny these days.. it's a profitable game so those that wanted it to fail can quietly fade into oblivion. They tried something semi-new, which was to make a shooter with MMO characteristics. Fact of the matter is my Xbox friends have stopped playing Ghosts (which makes me happy) so we can play something else until CoD:AW comes out, then that'll be what we play. I expect Destiny will fill that 1.5 months of time, and then it'll be relegated to my game binder to rarely see the light of day. Much like Titanfall, and Diablo..

ScorpiusX1549d ago

Try Mordor , Forza horizon 2 , if you want good time killers , don't settle for crap.

DougLord1550d ago

Its GREAT for GAMES. It tells people not to buy shit in the 3-4 days before a company allows reviews to be released!

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