More Final Fantasy XV demo info leaked: location, characters and length

New info on the location, characters and length may have been leaked for the Final Fantasy XV demo being included in Final Fantasy Type-0 HD.

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Serrafina1549d ago (Edited 1549d ago )

I like that tips, but there was a grave [sarcastically speaking] error:

"They have full control of Noctis, the price and protagonist, along with two other party members."

DarkOcelet1549d ago

Lol yes , what price exactly :) .

Serrafina1549d ago

Yeah, but now, there's irony in my first comment. "I like that tips" should be "I like the tips." lol. Epic fail~.

vishmarx1549d ago

this is probably the best tgs in ages

jegheist20141549d ago

hopefully if theres digital version it comes with demo also al rpgs i go digital cuz i never know if got itching to play it again

nealane1549d ago (Edited 1549d ago )

i hope the demo is included with the UK release

Zichu1549d ago

I'm hoping so too. Would be very disappointed if it wasn't. Well saying that, I'm just greatful that we are getting Type-0.

sonypsnow1549d ago

Final Fantasy Type-0 HD & XV demo a Great reason to buy PS4

hkgamer1549d ago

i remember ordering the advent children bluray just for the xiii demo and versus trailer.

if i remember correctly, the xiii demo was really short, gave us hints of gameplay but was nothing like the gameplay you get in the full retail.

will definitely try and get hold of this demo. its sad but i just need to get hands on with this game.

Kalebninja1548d ago

I heard the xiii demo was 2 hours long tho.

hkgamer1548d ago

it was a very short corridor that was similar to the bit at the beginning. it let you control lightning and i remember it beijg very short. i dont remember it being around 2 hours.

it was too long ago but i think it was shorter than 10 minutes. the versus xiii cutscene demo lasted longer than that.

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