Video games cause domestic violence according to CA district attorney

According to Marin County California District Attorney, Ed Berberian, violent video games and toy guns are a possible cause of domestic violence.

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AndrewLB1548d ago

Agreed. This moron also believes that guns kill people.

contradictory1547d ago

well, yeah. That's the point of guns right?
the argument is that you can't give just anyone a gun and yeah, that makes sense to me.
our country has background checks for people buying weapons also psychological evaluations are made... although if someone is fucked up enough to kill someone who's to say he/she won't just stab someone to death with kitchen knife?

DesertFoxJr1548d ago

They give you ice cream if you trade in your violent video games. I'm not kidding.

Ares84HU1548d ago

Thank you for your games, now here is some diabetes so you can spend your money in our health care system for the rest of your life./jk. :D

kyoraki_jeeha1548d ago

Another attorney? Yay. Can't wait to see this one barred.

DesertFoxJr1548d ago

He's not Jack Thompson just quite yet.

CerealKiller1548d ago

First of all I don't know how a district attorney can make such bold statements with NO(zero) evidence! Let me repeat that, he is a district attorney!
Secondly, I love how Ben & Jerry's Ice Cream is backing this up. The good news is that if you bring your old worthless video games to them you get free ice cream!

AndrewLB1548d ago

Haven't you figured it out? This is what the left does in the United States. Their entire ideology is based on emotion and not logic. Instead of actually trying to prove their position to be true, they just make sh*t up with the hopes that other lack-minded people will believe it. Kinda like how they recently got caught altering historical climate data to push their lie that is "global warming" so they can impose massive taxes on the country which would no doubt be used to buy votes through government handouts. If climate change was a proven fact, the data would speak for itself and there wouldn't be a need to fake the numbers.

Btw... Ben & Jerry are self proclaimed communists and never have the best interests of this nation as a priority.

Serrafina1548d ago

Pssh, until he has evidence. It's not true until proven so.

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The story is too old to be commented.