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Matt Heywood of Entertainment Buddha writes: "When Bungie first announced that it was handing the reigns of its Halo franchise to Microsoft and 343 Industries, the gaming world waited with bated breath to see what the venerable studio would come up with next. It was soon revealed that Bungie signed a ten year deal with Activision to publish its new IP and subsequent games, and that it would be working on another sci-fi influenced FPS title. That little project morphed into Destiny, and as Bungie released assets for it, its hype and fan excitement steadily increased to a boiling point that all came to a head on September 9, 2014 when the game was unleashed upon the eager gaming public."

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FrogSpork1402d ago (Edited 1402d ago )

Great review, this game needed a bit of time, and it was a shame to see reviews out for it just a couple of days after its release. Nice and fair, and completely agree with it having a poor narrative structure, all in all excluding the story however, Destiny has proven a hit with me.

thorstein1402d ago

It's funny that the reviews where the reviewers took their time and actually played the game seem to have a higher score than the ones that act like Bungie stole their cookies.

HAMM3RofBUDDHA1402d ago

It does take time to grip you but once Destiny gets you hooked it's hard to put down despite the issues mentioned in this review.

snowbearder1402d ago

Seems like a fun game, kinda bummed about some of the negatives, but will probably end up playing anyway.

Jughead34161402d ago

Definitely a fun shooter. I'd recommend it.

TenBensons1402d ago

At the end of the day it's a solid shooter, but not what was promised - kind of like watchdogs in that regard. Next gen is still waiting for that killer game imo

febzilla1402d ago

The story is week, but I'm hoping the game will grow on me.

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