Exposed: The Secret Mailing List of the Gaming Journalism Elite

Several prominent gaming journalists across America are part of a secret mailing list on which they discuss what to cover, what to ignore, and what approach their coverage should take to breaking news, Breitbart can reveal.

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Makroyale1067d ago

This is from an actual news site... I'm sure N4G is on this list, so this will be interesting...

-Foxtrot1067d ago (Edited 1067d ago )

Well I don't want to point fingers but considering the fact we get told constantly that we are a community and because of that we get to have a say in what gets approved on here and what fails...why is it Kotaku who users on here have been down voting for years haven't been banned yet

I mean surely with the amount of times users have hit that Story quality/Like this website tab to down vote them they should of been gone ages ago.

I'm sorry but it's not crazy to thing they have something going on with Kotaku. Especially with all these shady going ons with other sites latley

Now again people might say "Well why add their stories if you are against them", something I've done myself I'll admit...the easiest answer is that people do it because it's there...if you don't add them for points towards your rank then someone else is going to do it because Kotaku is allowed. If you see a bit of news then despite where it's come from you'll add it. Certain users on here seem to always have the big news covered and big news so obviously people are going to add small time stuff from whatever website it's from.

I hope this gets max coverage on here, and becomes a hot topic..not because I added the story but to show as many people as possible what's gone on.

dcbronco1067d ago Show
Th4Freak1067d ago

@dcbronco wth are you talking about? Your comment has nothing to do with the subject.

Cryptcuzz1067d ago

I agree, only the one above knows how many times I have down voted Kotaku and yet I still see articles from them on N4G.

Been wanting this for awhile and I don't know if you agree on this point or not, but with the recent Destiny low reviews from most major gaming media sites (for the same reasons other games lack or lacking even more, yet those games gets a free pass) I want the whole games media to be exposed and put on blast.

radler1067d ago

And this ladies and gentleman, is why the gaming media has come down hard on Destiny. Bitter journalists frustrated that they don't get to play the game before the general public does, and as such we suddenly start seeing very low scores from most major sites, obviously from mutual agreement amongst members of the press to punish Bungie/Activision.

ShinMaster1067d ago

@ dcbronco

Wow. It seems some people can't talk about any subject without turning it into some fanboy crap.

cell9891067d ago

@ dcbronco bro you went way out of context, I should vote you down for off topic. where is the proof that all sites are pro Sony? Anyway this is about shoddy dirty journalism where they no longer report news as they are, rather they get filtered first by a selected few who think they know best. Its like they are dictating what we gamers should know and what we shouldnt WTF?!? who gave these scum that kind of authority? I love it when corruption gets exposed

dcbronco1067d ago

I'm not turning anything into fanboy crap. This site is basically run by uninformed children. This whole story is a nonissue. Read something other than gaming sites for a change. This site is built on bias. Take that away and the site will disappear. Don't whine because the subject bias goes against your interest. If you don't like bias, speak out about it all of the time. If the truth is really important to you, read articles and comments and judge them fairly. If the writers and editors are mostly biased so what. Eighty percent of the comments are too.

gangsta_red1067d ago

Well lets be honest, the reason why so many want Kotaku or Polygon banned is because of this notion that those sites are pro Xbox and paid by MS.

I have never read any of that anywhere else until I got to this site.

If we just start banning sites just because they don't favor your console of choice half the time then what's the use of hearing the other voice? The one that has a second not so fluffy opinion of the majority's favorite.

It's a slippery slope when the community starts banning sites because they don't like the way they reviewed a game or gave another a higher score, has a less than popular opinion, gives praises to a console not well liked by the majority.

SlapHappyJesus1066d ago


To be fair, this entire site is little more than fanboy crap.

-Foxtrot1066d ago Show
zerocrossing1065d ago

Congrats on getting this back up!

I'm disgusted it was taken down in the first place, but not quite as disgusted as I am with those journos in the mailing list...

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Blacktric1067d ago (Edited 1067d ago )

"Maybe we should get a public letter of support going around decrying these kinds of personal attacks, signed by as many sympathetic journalists/developers as we can," he wrote. "Maybe we should just use this as an excuse to give more attention to her work... I know I've been meaning to review Depression Quest since its Steam release.""

Wow. Just goddamn wow. They ironically shit on everyone who supports GamerGate hashtag for being tinfoil hat wearing morons who are being controlled by 5-6 guys on a random 4chan IRC channel, yet they themselves indulge in conspiracy theory level shit like this to divert attention from corruption issue?

So much for the goddamn journalistic integrity...

Edit: From author's Twitter;

"Milo Yiannopoulos @Nero · 5m

A word of caution to list members: I've seen a lot more than we've published so far. So be careful with those denials. #GamerGate"


-Foxtrot1067d ago

Milo Yiannopoulos is fantastic with this work

Not surprising though with his reasons on doing all this for gaming.

Apparently he finds it ridiculous that games journalism is in this state despite how easy it is, you know for someone like him who's done actual journalism and hard work on more serious topics.

It's like someone who has run their own business for years with all the stress and late nights only to go back to an average, standard job in retail part time where you see lazy people moaning about the smallest things.

viperman2401067d ago

Well this pretty much explains the whole "gamers are dead" articles all popping up at the same time.

This shits got to go, I'm sick and tired of these "journalist" who think they are on the high moral ground.

SuperBlur1067d ago

an actual journalist in the gaming industry ?

unseen/heard before !

must be a witch !



Emilio_Estevez1067d ago (Edited 1067d ago )

N4G doesn't do journalism, we don't make news, so that would be impossible. N4G is just an aggregation site, we don't even have domain emails (ie: [email protected] doens't exist)

@Fox - sites don't get banned b/c people don't like them. Plagiarism is basically the only reason.

edit: you guys are free to believe what you want, but facts are facts.

-Foxtrot1067d ago think it's just because people don't like them willy nilly. People over the years have said why they don't like sites like Kotaku

They've been exposed a load of times at making stuff up, exaggerate topics, create useless flamebait articles. I mean I don't know what else counts

But no...keep telling yourself we want them gone because "we don't like them".

Gh05t1067d ago (Edited 1067d ago )

N4G Mods can still fail articles it doesn't agree with. Not like there is a reason put next to the mods name when they fail an article.

Than whats the point of voting on a site rating or story quality? How does this at all impact anything?

Makroyale1067d ago (Edited 1067d ago )

"N4G is just an aggregation site..."

Not true. The day #GamerGate took place, story approved and online, that story was unapproved and censored by a moderator.

Subsequent #GamerGate stories were killed immediately with no reason on that day.

Emilio_Estevez1067d ago (Edited 1067d ago )

@Fox - the reasons for your proposed banning don't matter unless they involve plagiarism/theft.

@ghost - Cat would de-mod someone so fast if that actually happened. And I'm not sure exactly what you're saying, but there is always a reason for a story failing.

Voting affects the site rating, which can in turn hide opinion pieces and rumors under the content filter (the little drop down above the story type in the front page news feed).

Next Q is why isn't X site under the filter: b/c people don't vote like you think they do I guess.

@mak - N4G still didn't make the news. N4G is just an aggregation site, so it's still true.

I didn't see it and I don't really care about #gamergate as I don't even know what it is. I just play games and I don't really care about stuff like that. I'm sure there was some reason, but I wasn't involved so I couldn't really say.

Makroyale1067d ago (Edited 1067d ago )

Fair enough, it might be "just an aggregation site..." but that assumes there isn't a moderator who can censor stories.

The point I'm making is, on that day all #GamerGate stories on N4G were censored by a moderator.

They were censored here, on NeoGaf and every other large gaming site.

EDIT: I'm sure they're on this list as well as they got the memo to censor everything related to #GamerGate on that day.

EDITV2: Story gone with a 404 error... Completely killed/Wiped/Deleted. So I shouldn't have said "Unapproved" I should have said the story was flat out deleted by N4G. So when someone flat out deletes a story then yes, there is "more happening" behind the scenes.

Emilio_Estevez1067d ago (Edited 1067d ago )

idk what to tell you other than that I wasn't involved with it so I don't really know.

Also, damn you for making me google gamergate, I'd really rather have not.

All I could really say is I'm sure there was a noted reason and said mod thought they were doing the right thing per N4G's rules. We don't get emails from anyone saying do this or don't do that. People seem to think there is a lot more behind the scenes here than there really is. We're literally just users with more site privileges.

Edit: @edit, lol, really? Whom did this memo come from and what email did they send it to, because we don't have official emails. I have 2 email addy's, work and personal, neither get anything N4G related sent to them. If you choose to just strait disbelieve me then that's you're choice, but that doesn't make it correct.

Feel free to PM me if you'd like more Q's answered as you're out of bubs.

-Foxtrot1067d ago

Emilio if that is true then what the hell is the story quality tab for

I've heard by other mods that it's for removing sites which we as a community find to be bad quality. Now your saying it sites only get banned if they do one of TWO things.

I'm sorry but I really think you guys don't seem to know yourself how this site works. One mod says this, the other says that.

So basically in a way that story quality tab is to just give us the illusion that we have a say on this site.

Emilio_Estevez1067d ago (Edited 1067d ago )


You've incorrectly determined what 'removed' means, that's not a mods fault. It would remove it from the front page header and hide the story unless you have the filter turned off. No one told you the site would be banned, you assumed that incorrectly. We all know how it works, it appears you're the one who doesn't. Sites only get banned for plagiarism, we're not going to just ban sites all willy nilly, that would be completely unfair and against N4G's all inclusive ideas. We've all seen how bubbles work and how heat works with the user base. The last thing we need is to let the community decide who to ban.

Edit: preaching to the choir, everyone knows the shortcomings and hopefully the next version of N4G addresses them all. I can see the light at the end of the tunnel, even if it's dim.

gangsta_red1067d ago

"We've all seen how bubbles work and how heat works with the user base. The last thing we need is to let the community decide who to ban."

AMEN! We already have the community marking people as trolls for stating an opinion that goes against the popular majority.

I can only imagine the horror if this same community was able to truly control which stories or websites were allowed on here too.

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viperman2401067d ago


Scroll down to where it talks about N4G, or just ctrl+f N4G.

I've noticed a lot of news around gamergate rarely getting through on this site. I'm not saying you are the one behind it, but I just find it weird that something this important is kept in the dark.

Emilio_Estevez1067d ago (Edited 1067d ago )

So...there's a few angles here as is the case with most 'controversial' stories here on N4G. Nothing is ever black and white.

1 - the link was broken at the time, that gets other stories failed so why not this one? (rhetorical)

2 - a report on the story: 'Making web traffic out of somebody's depression-fuelled break-up on the basis of one-sided allegations' - I feel this is very true. Grounds for failing? Probably not, but I think you walk a very fine line when you're talking about real people and allegations of this nature, especially from an ex. Would you want everyone to just believe and accept as fact everything your ex said about you on the internet after a breakup? (rhetorical)

3 - Generally we don't allow stories about gaming sites, this isn't news for gaming site enthusiasts. It's grey, but I've seen multiple articles about X site changing policies which were rightly failed as it doesn't matter to anyone but frequenters to said site.

4 - I think generally that article was failed on 2 basis' - The broken link and the fact this info was all based off a jilt-ed ex lovers internet posts. It's hardly a reliable source imo.

Thank you for taking the time to find that viper.

I like how that site said 'N4G has not made a public statement on why the article was removed.' - We don't have a PR person/company, if they wanted to see why all they'd have to do is be a contributor and look at the story. I didn't know we needed to do that -_O_-

I would also like to note that I don't think what happened with this story was 'right' or 'wrong'. Like I said above, we're just normal users with extra privileges. Everyone thinks it's so easy to make these calls when they happen. Every new mod thinks they can change the world with a few clicks and decisions. The truth is that being the one that has to make the call is really tough sometimes and we all just try do what N4G's rules dictate to the best of our abilities. No one says a word if we get it right. Maybe this was handled wrong, maybe it wasn't. I honestly couldn't say and I'm glad I didn't have to make that call. If people would just look at things in a realistic manner things around here, things would make a lot more sense.

Also: sorry for the novel, it wasn't even simple to explain *facepalm*

viperman2401067d ago


No problem, I found it funny how the site says N4G is a rumor site.

On your 2nd point I do agree that its not right to talk about someones private sex life and make it public. But there is a reason why this deserves to be talked about, the people who she had sexual relations with is a direct conflict of interest as they are part of the game industry.

Also it's not an alleged affair as one of the accused admitted to do the act and this was all screen capped on a FB conversation, her confessing to her ex in guilt.

Another point I'd like to bring up is that many people including yourself do not like the fact that her sex life became public. Even Kotaku themselves have said anyone talking about this is not welcomed to the site and will be banned.

I find that very hypocritical of them to make such a statement, seeing as they ran articles of rape allegations on Max Tremkin (creator of Cards Against Humanity) even though the allegation was false. They still spun the story as him being a rapist. That story was also published on N4G and wasn't taken down.

I can't find the original submitted article but here's a similar one talking about it that got through the submission process.

Christopher1059d ago

***N4G Mods can still fail articles it doesn't agree with.***

Nah, we fail posts that we feel do not abide by our rules. If I was to fail articles I don't agree with, you'd never see a Kinect/Move/similar gimmick story on N4G ever.

***Not true. The day #GamerGate took place, story approved and online, that story was unapproved and censored by a moderator. ***

Emilio wasn't involved in that but I did review and approve of the action. The reason it was removed was because, at the time, it was all accusations and hearsay on a topic of one's choice in sleeping partner. That had nothing to do with gaming and just dragging a person through the mud. So, in the interest in not becoming a site that promotes rumor mongering about someone's personal life, it was removed.

What is funny is that only one such article was removed and yet hundreds of opinion pieces and follow-up submissions related to the topic were allowed solely because they were A) about gaming and B) did not solely just drag a person's personal life through the mud. Yet, we only get complained to for a single submission, not recognized that stories to this date are still being posted about the topic.

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Palitera1067d ago (Edited 1067d ago )

It would be. But it would be interesting to know how many commenters actually read the comment before posting...

There's nothing on those messages different than what we do here in the comments, just people talking about the s*** that hit the fan. There's no scheming, no agenda, NOTHING related to what the author made up!

This article is such a scandal made of nothing...

Please, before replying to this comment, take the time to read the prints filled with the same casual talk about the same stuff we talk here.

-Foxtrot1067d ago (Edited 1067d ago )

What you're missing in all this is why do these sites need to organize stories when they ate all COMPETING against one another

It's like two rival football teams chatting online about their game just wouldn't unless there's something going on

bleedsoe9mm1067d ago

@Foxtrot if you believe the conspiracy theory its more like a wrestler whispering his next move into his opponents ear

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