Doorways: The Underworld Review | GIZORAMA

John Wyma, GIZORAMA - "Before we dig deep into the meat of this review, let me first be perfectly clear in stating that horror as a genre for videogames is hardly a new concept. I mean, flash back fifteen years to the debut of the first Silent Hill and tell me that today’s spin on the spooky is refreshingly topical instead of tiredly necrotic. I’m not saying that genres can’t be recycled, because of course they can, they need to be. What I’m saying is that a key element of what makes horror games scary is the idea of the unknown. You don’t know what’s behind the door, and you can’t tell where that ghostly whisper is coming from, at least for the first playthrough, and therein lies the problem. Scares like this aren’t wash and wear, they’re a one-time thing, and it’s hard to replicate that over years of successive (successive, not successful) games."

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