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Avery Mathews, GIZORAMA - "When it comes to many JRPGs, the situation is that the age range for the games tends to be on the younger side. The main characters are often teenagers with nothing better to do, or accidentally trip into a major quest to save the world. As such, it gets harder and harder for older players to sympathize with the characters; a lot of them whine about romance, or why they were chosen, and many things like that. And, on top of that, a lot of them end up having upbeat stories with very little development of the characters.

When it comes to Fairy Fencer F, the game starts out like that; lots of humor between the characters, and many side quests that make you chuckle softly to yourself and shake your head about how ridiculous these characters are. Because, at the beginning, these characters are nothing more than caricatures; the main character, Fang, spends the entire first part of the game wanting food, for example. In fact, he ends up in the plot of the game because he’s hungry, and pulls a sword out of the ground because he’s told it will grant him a wish – and his wish is food. Tiara as well is a typical tsundere, “holier-than-thou” character, which makes you yearn for actual characters. She spends a good portion of the first part ordering Fang and his fairy around to do her bidding."

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