Final Fantasy Type-0 HD and XV Could Change the Face of the Franchise

Recent comments from Final Fantasy Type-0 HD director about the game serving as a stepping stone for XV gives us an idea where the series is heading.

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MrSwankSinatra1551d ago (Edited 1551d ago )

Just because the battle system is changing, that doesn't mean that FF Type-0 & FFXV are any less of a Final Fantasy game as the old ones. Any fan of Final Fantasy knows that the series has been through a pretty rough time in recent years, maybe a change would be good for the series.

Blackleg-sanji1550d ago

Finally an positive outlook on change for this franchise i welcome it and really hooe xv delivers

Apoca1ypse1550d ago

Doesn't the battle aystem change every FF anyways??

clide881550d ago


Not necessarily. The Active Turn-Based (ATB) battle system was a staple in the franchise from IV up until X, when the Conditional Turn-Based (CTB) battle system replaced it. Sure, there were tweaks here and there, but the ATB was ubiquitous for a decade.

NewMonday1550d ago

both FFT0 and FFXV look great and should wash away bitterness of the Lightning trilogy.

izumo_lee1550d ago

I've played & finished Type-0. Even with the Kingdom Hearts like battle system it is the characters & story that define a good Final Fantasy game. And boy does Type-0 have the story & the characters, if you are looking for fluff, you are looking in the wrong place cause Type-0's story is deep,dark & emotional (that ending).

It is a shame that the game wasn't localized when it first came out on the PSP cause it would've made FF13 look like childs play & a subpar Final Fantasy game.

Blackleg-sanji1550d ago

I dont kno much about type-0 it has kh battke system? !?!! Im sold

vanity291550d ago


It has some similarities to KH I guess, but to me i feel like it's way different gameplay wise

Spenok1550d ago

That's good to hear. I have been hoping and praying for them to bring it over. And for them to redo it in HD for PS4 just makes me a happy man. :D

Gamer19821550d ago

The issue FF has at the moment is the lack of FF games. FF13 had 2 sequels that used a very similar battle system and the same story meaning they were more expansions of the story rather than new games and if you weren't a fan of 13 you weren't going to pick up the sequels. That left a massive 10 year gap between FF13 and 15 (14 being an MMO and not for everybodys tastes). I cant believe its taking them over 10 years to make the next main FF game thats not an MMO its really silly and it alienates long time fans and kills sales. It's why they had no choice but to go 360 in the end as PS sales weren't as strong last gen.

TongkatAli1550d ago

Megaton because of that demo.

Becuzisaid1550d ago

I'd still feel more comfortable if square would give us a tried and true classic FF like they did with ff9. At least that would give me confidence that they can make a decent game. If ff15 fails the series is dead.

TekKing1550d ago

FF13 wasn't much of a FF game and FFXV won't be much of one either. I would've been ok with it being VS 13 as it was just a spinoff game but now they're trying to make it one of the main games in the franchise.

Looks like I'm still going to have to wait for a REAL Final Fantasy game. Maybe they won't screw up Final Fantasy 16 but I highly doubt it.

DevilOgreFish1550d ago (Edited 1550d ago )

I'll be keeping a close eye for when the steam version of this hits. we all know it's going to happen. last year Kitase said quote -

"we see potential in it and there are lots of regions and countries where PC is very strong. So in terms of our hope of being able to deliver our games to every single country in the world and to as many gamers as possible, yes, we would definitely be interested in pursuing that route in the future."

and then it was leaked on Steam's data base.

I'll be definitely happy to get back my money's worth after i pick up the console version of this.

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