Halo: The Masterchief Collection brings online multiplayer to Halo: Combat Evolved 13 years later

For long time Halo fans, the biggest draw of the upcoming Halo: The Masterchief Collection is that the title is set to finally bring online multiplayer to the now almost 14-year-old title.

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pwnsause_returns1373d ago

technically its been in Halo on PC. but I can see what they mean. its finally officially on the Xbox

ABizzel11373d ago

I think it's nice to have all this, but what is this going to do to the online community for all 4 games? It's basically going to be most people going back to Halo 2, and a few dabbling in the other games.

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qwerty6761373d ago (Edited 1373d ago )


i agree, TMCC is one of those games that will probably have steady sales throughout the whole XB1 lifespan,

the collection is just to amazing for any potential new xb1 owner to pass up.

pat_11_51373d ago

I think Halo on the PC felt a little different though, no?

pwnsause_returns1373d ago

well, the framerate was unlocked, and the game was pretty crispy looking on the PC at the time. also aiming was obviously better and faster because of the mouse of course.. its was pretty good fun as well.

tastas211373d ago

Halo is the most overrated FPS game ever. HL2 was so better than H2.

BitbyDeath1373d ago

Each to their own, I've always preferred Halo over Half-Life.

KillerResistance1373d ago

I played Halo on Original Xbox to play with my Brothers on Co-ops or Competitive local Multiplayer, i doubt HL2 brought that. Halo was good when it was owned by Bungie, but now 343 doesn't bring the same feel as the old non-sprinting and bunnyhopping days

Lenrulesdaworld1373d ago

Well being that the majority of 343 are old bungie employees, I think they have done an a,azong job woth this. I also loved the story in halo 4 by far it was the most detailed & engaging story out of the 4. Including finding the terminals with mini storys in waypoint. Multiplayer not so much, I agree they failed there

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jay21373d ago (Edited 1373d ago )

EVERY game needs bloody MP these days, what next? Banjo Kazooie and Tooie with MP????????! I wouldn't be touching it

Elit3Nick1373d ago

So the game that defined multiplayer doesn't need multiplayer, I've heard everything now...

Summons751373d ago

To be fair Halo's multiplayer was crucial to its success.XBL was just getting put the door when Halo launched so only the PC had online. This has been been a dream of gamers for ages.

MS won't touch B&K again when they told us to F off with Conker and if they do based off the last B&K it'll be a online racer where you have to be online to get 90% of the game like Forza.

pwnsause_returns1373d ago

the Dreamcast had online before the xbox, it was called SegaNet. also, consoles before it had an online connection, but wasnt on an organized network, which XBL came to be.

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jay21373d ago

I just personally don't like MP in general it's had a bad effect on story, game play, game length etc and now where getting to the point we can't chose. destiny, the crew, sim city etc all need you to be online to play. What if I want to play these games but don't want to be online, well so far had this personally with Destiny and SC but played solo. Got to put it with the crew and deep down as well so frustrating. soon it'll be the normal ms jumped the gun but by next gen your consoles will be online 24/7 where you like it or not.

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aviator1891373d ago

Can't wait to jump between Halo 1, Halo 2, and Halo 3 in one sitting. :D

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