Destiny’s Vault Of Glass, The MMO Experience

IM PLAYIN discusses why Vault of Glass is a true MMO experience, and how it's supposed to be so tough.

"If there is one thing from WoW that I have had serious withdrawal symptoms from, it would have to be the raids. Not only because they were great times that really challenged the player, or the fact that they were so different from standard instances, they brought specific challenges to boss fights that would not be anywhere else in the game. It was a wholly different experience. They also separate the idiots who didn’t know how the play the game from the pros."

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TimeSkipLuffy1218d ago

With Destiny when I die and re-spawn it feels like cheating. For me I would love to start with a completely new character at the same level at the time I died and just a basic set of weapons and armor. Starting a new destiny.
I a character dies in Destiny it is like his/her Destiny has ended there and you should start with a new destiny.
This is what I think.