VGS: Why Adult Women are NOT the Largest Growing Demographic in Gaming

Discussion time! Discussion time! With the world of X’s and Squares flipped on its side this month as rampart reports of sexual misogyny and misconduct plagued the headlines, VGS takes to the mic and try to figure why gaming cultures hates women/children/ethnic minorities and homosexuals just so much!

Also, statisticians join VGS to explain the issues in the ESRB survey that indicated Adult Women are the largest growing demo in gaming.

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annoyedgamer1551d ago

Look another "journalist" defending the feminists and other dirtbag journalists. And Anita defense really?

PureSophistry1551d ago

Annoyed gamer, your syntax is annoying. Explain!

FriedGoat1550d ago (Edited 1550d ago )

Well, In my belief I think there are several different types of gamer that shouldn't be lumped into the same boat. A Lot of people will scoff at the idea of segregating different gaming groups but they are NOT the same and never will be.

I do not want to be represented by somebody who plays Bejeweled Blitz because they have NO damn idea what my type of gaming is about. I don't want to impose my philosophy of how racist it is that, there are no black jewels in Bejeweled Blitz, because I don't play games like that and I feel I shouldn't be interfering.

Now Anita has been caught on video in the past admitting to not even playing video games, and disliking them. So why does she want to change the way games are made? Nearly ALL the points made about women in video games in her videos can be applied to men. Big macho action man main character stereotype, pointless male background characters blah blah. It's not meant to be taken seriously the most important thing is gameplay. When gameplay starts becoming effected because they are spending more resources with trivial issues, then will Anita be complaining about the quality of the game?
GREAT GAME, completely broken but women are portrayed well, 10/10.

It's like if I started a youtube channel about how 50 shades of grey is bad, and how men are represented poorly in literature? But you know, I wouldn't do it, because I wouldn't want to interfere in something I have no interest in.

I know that everyone likes to talk about how women are 50% of the gaming industry now or some rubbish, but facebook games and mobile games should not even be mentioned. It's like saying I'm a bibliophile when all I read is Garfield.

madjedi1550d ago (Edited 1550d ago )

Nope not going to bother.

ScottyHoss1550d ago (Edited 1550d ago )

Annoying pod casts by journalists with no credibility which are condescending to gamers are annoying...

hkgamer1550d ago

didnt listen to podcast, because i will not waste my time.

so just going off the description.

a few simple points

-gaming culture hates children? im thinking the gaming culture is full of children.

-ethnic minorities? i dont live in us so i cant really comment, but gaming is a worldwide thing. never understood why US is so behind with ethnicity. they have so many mixed cultures yet they still have this discrimination.

is this podcast worth listening to,mor just rambling about what everyone seems to be talking about now?

creeping judas1550d ago

In regards to discrimination/racism, often a whole canvas will get painted with just one brush.

dcj05241550d ago

This country(US) was literally built off of Racism (Native Americans, Africans, Mexicans) so it's to a certain degree still in our culture.

jrshankill1550d ago

Middle aged women dig Candy Crush Saga. That's all.

il-JumperMT1550d ago

Mobile Gaming = Cancer for Gaming Industry. Why bother making full fledge video games when a 1 day effort gets you more money? Example Flappy Bird and Candy Crush saga.

LogicStomper1550d ago

Mobile gaming is not a cancer for the gaming industry. You cannot play PS4 or XB1 on the bus. Majority of the public have mobile phones. Putting the two premises together yields the mobile gaming market. This allows developers (big or small) to produce games that anyone with a mobile can play. Allowing more developers to produce games means more competition. More competition results in developers fighting for our money = higher quality games. Higher quality games is good for the gaming industry. Therefore, mobile having is better for the gaming industry.

il-JumperMT1550d ago

How is it that quality got lowered due to mobile games? Why make effort if less effort gives you more money.

pinkyxyz1550d ago

Maybe.....just maybe.....because they "get ready for it" only like simple mobile games...... What's wrong with that? Adult woman are literally the casual crowd as a majority.