Will Computer Games ever become obsolete

This article talks about Computer Games versus the console world.

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jujubee881376d ago (Edited 1376d ago )

The PC got Doom then there was a big gap that stopped after that in terms of quality on PC until consoles came along and the AAA studio style games production came along when "pc rig building" started becoming a thing. So, I think both sides affected one another and created a duality.

If one becomes obsolete, it will affect another greatly. Now is not the time to kill off one for the other and definitely not the time to kill both off for mobile/tablet (which some "video game analysts" say is the 'incumbent platform of choice' for future video games).

Geniusgaming1375d ago

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Zenith4k1376d ago

I may be having a retard moment but don't get where he is trying to go with this article, there is no intro to suggest his proposition, there is a middle that highlights his issue but I don't get the relation to the article title. Finnally, his conclusion answers his own question that consoles will not become obsolete. Is it just me don't get what his article id trying to do.

NitrousX1376d ago

Your right there is no intro im not sure whether he forgot to add one lol. And he has actually answered his own question which was more of a rhetorical question. By intels calculations roughly 711 PC Gamers around the globe, PC Gaming is here to stay. As long there are gamers willing to play on PC willing to support AAA/Indie developers it will prosper no matter what the media says