Destiny - Why You Shouldn't Trust Any Reviews

Nicholas Greene of MMOATK writes:

I've been fairly stoked for Destiny for quite some time - but when Bungie announced it didn't have plans to provide early-access copies to reviewers, my nerve faltered. I'd seen this kind of thing before, after all. Usually, a developer that doesn't allow for early access knows there's something terribly, terribly wrong with their game. Usually, they're hoping no one will discover that problem until after the game's already been released - until after the hype has hoodwinked thousands of consumers into buying it.

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Codewow1370d ago

All reviews are opinions. Take it upon yourself to compare and contrast with other reviews. Then rent the game and try it for yourself.

Septic1369d ago

Hardly any places to rent games in the UK mind you since Blockbusters went down the toilet.

Hellsvacancy1369d ago

Boomerang Rentals are GOOD, I use them sometimes

FriedGoat1369d ago

Internet rental services are the way forward.

orakle441369d ago

Is Gamefly available in the UK? Honest question as i am from the US.

venom061369d ago

so you shouldn't trust reviews but if this was an EA game, all the reviews would be valid right??? GTFO. It's pathetic how narrow minded and biased video game players are.

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BlissSeeker1369d ago


All review are NOT opinions; at least not like they used to be:

nX1369d ago

This. I won't trust many websites anymore after their Destiny review, it's like they were pissed for not getting a review copy before launch. The game is at least a 8, almost close to a 9/10 for me, I don't care what outlets like Polygon, Kotaku or Gamespot think.

Tedakin1369d ago

I've gone up and down with this game a ton..... Beta I was like solid 8.5. Game came out, I agreed that it was a 6. Over the week I started loving it more and more. Now I'm done with the campaign and just in a grind of redoing stuff I've already done to try to level up to do the raid... and the game is annoying the crap out of me.

Eyesoftheraven1369d ago (Edited 1369d ago )

I think it's a great shooter that's fun in short bursts with friends. Just wish it was on PC with either no or drastically reduced loading, no FXAA, higher FPS, less clicking around, ability to decode gear anywhere with a sort of Cryptarch PDA device (this is the far future, c'mon) so he still levels up, better social tools and features, better story, among a handful of other quibbles.

ScottyHoss1369d ago

I agree that would be awesome, but then finding gear which isn't encrypted would be the same, just without any cryptarch Rep. This way there's a trade off; instant vs reputation

700p1369d ago

Well anything thats 5 and under 1-10 review scale is full of crap.

Aceman181369d ago

I don't trust reviews I trust myself to know what I like and don't like.

ShowGun9011369d ago


nobody has any excuse about being hoodwinked by the hype, when there was one of the biggest betas EVER, open to anybody who put $5 down on the game, and their 2 friends... i loved the beta and i love the game!

Aceman181369d ago

Yep after playing both alpha, beta I had no problems dropping a pre-order for this game.

Buying the game after enjoying the early preview play was an easy call for me.

The 5-6s being giving to the game suggests that it's broken and unplayable, but most of us know that's far from the truth. Personally I'd give the game a solid 8-9.

Codey471369d ago

I had that very same feeling about Titanfall.. months prior to release but users here said play the game before you judge.

Don't need to.... I know what I like.

The reason I DO NOT TRUST reviews because

Everybody has slept with Zoe Quinn.

longcat1369d ago

"Everybody has slept with Zoe Quinn. "

And based on that its safe to say they have no idea what quality looks like

ScottyHoss1369d ago

I guess Andrew Wilson gives it up more than Kotick used to in the cod days. /s

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