Wonderful 101 Review – Absolutely Wonderful

Only recently did I (Alex) come around to seeing the WiiU as a worthy investment with Bayonetta 2 coming out shortly. However, no one purchases a new console and doesn’t go through the current library first. There was the typical lineup of promising Nintendo properties as expected, but the game that caught my eye was a very under hyped title from Platinum I believe will be looked back upon as a hidden gem.

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N4g_null1522d ago

Yeah it really was under hyped. It's the most envolved beat em up I've played in a long time. The multi player is awesome.

recto851522d ago (Edited 1522d ago )

This game reminds me some 90' arcade beat em ups. It's really great and the difficulty is rewarding.

Loadedklip1522d ago

Wonderful 101 was my personal Game of the Year last year.

Yes I did play and beat Last of Us, Grand Theft Auto V, Super Mario 3D World and The Legend of Zelda: A Link Between Worlds.

I just personally found Wonderful 101 to be that damn good.

deafdani1521d ago

To hell woth GOTY. For me, it's Game Of The Forever.

Yes, it's my favorite game of all time. Yes, I'm serious.

And yes, I also played all those titles you mentioned, and some more. And they're all fantastic, but none of them holds a candle to W101 to me.

Venox20081518d ago

I agree with you.. I will add that its one of the best Platinum games with a good story

SaffronCurse1522d ago

Looks good,really good. Still undecided on a WiiU or Xbone.

Loadedklip1522d ago (Edited 1522d ago )

If u have a PS4 or gaming PC .. I say Wii U.

All their big games are exclusives.

TongkatAli1522d ago

Xbox One, better online, achievements and Sunset Overdrive looks incredible. Also whatever Minecraft devs are going to make next is going to be sick.

deafdani1521d ago (Edited 1521d ago )

Better online: yeah, it shpuld, because you have to pay for it.

Achievements: for some, this is a big deal. Other people could care less. Either way, I agree the Wii U would benefit from having its own system, in Nintendo's own style.

Sunset Overdrive: yeah, looks incredible, but the Wii U already have a ton of incredible games actually released, and more to come. Roght now, the Xbox One just doesn't come close to the Wii U in terms of exclusives, both currently available or upcoming.

Minecraft devs: yeah, they still haven't done anything else relevant besides Minecraft, so I wouldn't put that much faith on thrm until they prove that they're not just an one-hit-wonder company.

Venox20081518d ago

Wii U & ps4 (or pc) is the way to go

superchiller1522d ago

Too bad W101 was ruined by the silly "draw shapes on the tablet" gimmick. Terrible idea, whoever came up with that one.

Metallox1522d ago

You can draw them with the right stick if you want. And instead of mashing a button, I think it's a better idea. Also, the only Unite Morph hard to draw for me was the hammer, but aside from that, the feature worked the 95% of time.

wonderfulmonkeyman1522d ago

Also, the ability to draw slowly using the touch screen was useful during the areas where you had to accurately outline a shape to uncover a secret.

deafdani1521d ago

Anyone that played it seriously knows that the best way to play W101 is using the right stick to draw shapes most of the time, not tye touch screen.

Shows what little you know. Try again.

marloc_x1521d ago

Oh? Did you buy your copy at launch schiller?

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