Super Smash Bros 3DS demo – First Impressions | TechRaptor

The latest installment of the Super Smash Bros series is coming to the 3DS in a little under 3 weeks. This week after a Treehouse Direct Nintendo released codes for Nintendo Club platinum members to get their hands on the demo for Super Smash Bros 3DS earlier than the general public. This demo allows players to try out three new and two old characters and get to fight it out alone or with friends on one stage.

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Smokingunz1068d ago

1st post, yes!

Great, can't wait.this should boost 3ds sales.

AndyB7141068d ago

Definitely getting this day 1

LightDiego1068d ago

Can't wait for this game, but first i need Wii U version.

live2play1068d ago

i thought you were gonna take a selfie

Castle3331068d ago

Heres a code for the demo have at it. it expires tomorrow so reedem it quick. A05V877P25L1R0L5