IMO: Objectivity in game journalism only exists to a degree

With #GamerGate still going relatively strong, the cries for objectivity continue. I (Andrew Otton) found myself saying the same thing over and over again towards the beginning of this whole mess. Objectivity was paramount, and it had been destroyed by these terrible journalists. However, I stepped back and came to the realization that objectivity only exists to a degree.

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kingdip901373d ago

The experience we get from a video game is deeply personal to us all on an individual level. We all appreciate and enjoy things on a personal level and the same is true of gender journalists. This is ok.

When those journalists have a vested (financial or personal) interest in a games success then it hardly has the kind of objectivity we the gaming media demand.

It's ok to knock votes off a review score because you find a story dull that others may rave about but giving awesome reviews to a game just because of your own or a friends (or sex buddy for that matter) investment in it is another thing entirely.

Perhaps a better wording would be that we demand impartial views from the gaming media.

Seraphim1373d ago

that is exactly it kingdip. Demand Impartial views from the gaming media...

it's kind of funny that finally people are objecting to the critics who claim to be reviewers. I think part of the problem is in fact they place personal preference into reviews. I don't like RPGs but I'm being forced to play and review it so I'm crapping all over it. reviewers are not critics. Until reviewers can write an unbiased article regarding a game on it's content & merits alone, reviews imho will be absolutely pointless, useless information only those who don't know better take seriously. I haven't used a review as the basis for buying a game since I was a teenager. So about 20+ years ago... that is exactly it tho. The gaming media are not critics and they need to understand this. When reviewing a game the game and it's contents should be reviewed.

Dee_911373d ago (Edited 1373d ago )

I don't have a problem with them including their personal views into reviews, nor do I have an issue with it affecting the score to a degree, the author us correct, it is inevitable.What I do have problems with is when, the reviewer isn't a fan of the genre of the game being reviewed, this happens way too often, and making the entire review an opinionated piece or critique.
Professional journalist knows how to make it known which parts are opinionated and with parts are objective and how they correlate.The last review I read was for Destiny, the author did a terrible job at this.Going from examples or comparisons of other games then back to the game, then back to the comparison, then back to the game, I had to keep re-reading to know when he was actually talking about this game and not another game..I actually enjoy G4TV reviews even the ones I dont agree with because they stick to the point and stay objective for the most part.
That being said. Reviews and previews aren't the only parts of game journalism.Too often does "industry" related news pieces that actually require the author to do some research, devolve into personal opinions and criticism/ praise.

Bathyj1373d ago

1.(of a person or their judgement) not influenced by personal feelings or opinions in considering and representing facts.

This doesnt exist in games journalism. Every writer comes in with a set view in their minds having been bombarded with hype and advertising and then measures a game against what they thought it would or should be.

No one goes in cold, and simply reviews whats in front of them, judges a game on its own merits. Reviews these days are all subject to the baggage the writer brought in with them.

Gaming_Guru1373d ago

I would have to disagree because objective is basically looking at things through a science while bias is looking at things personally. This is where knowledge is power the more you know about a certain industry the more objective you can be because you see things by design than likes.

This is where the gaming industry lacks knowledge in the field they are writing about. Any programmer will tell you there are ways to look at a program objectively.

SpiralTear1373d ago

Objectivity doesn't exist, because we are all different human beings. We're always looking through our own lens and not someone else's. We speak things from our perspective and only our perspective. The only way to provide an objective opinion is if we were all identical robots.

This isn't limited to reviews. News is not objective either. What you report is different from what someone else reports because you're saying in your article what you personally believe is important enough to be reported. What you leave out is just as important as what you put in. Maybe you left out part of a press release that could put the client in a bad light. You CHOSE to do that based on your beliefs. That's not objectivity.

We're never going to reach objectivity. Never. I can understand folks being upset with different factors skewing reporting/writing and I believe that those individual factors need to be tempered and limited in certain points, simply to provide a reliable report of what is going on in the industry, if only for providing for the audience in question (that's the job of any speaker, writer or communicator: to address the audience). I totally get that.

However, removing bias entirely is removing humanity entirely.

Gaming_Guru1372d ago (Edited 1372d ago )

Lol, being objective is looking at things solely through science, like for example doing math.

1 + 1 = 2

You can't argue that because I came up with that answer using science. Science has many different fields using your report example when being unbias it's solely looking at what did you see happen. Bias comes in when someone says i say, "the robber run that way,"when in reality it was just a person running but the bias creates a reason why when you can't see the whole picture. This is what cops do, they ask various people to get what really happened, and ignore the people that attach something more than what they actually saw.

Having objectivity is what builds a society, if you go back to the racism era all black people would be died, all asians would be minors, all aboriginal culture would be lost... but because someone chose to use science in the correct way created a different world. Else people would be convicted for crimes because people just assumed they did it.