iOS and Android Apps Don't Deserve PC Ports

CCC Says: "There's an increasing frequency in transitions of games from mobile devices to computers. Call it an appidemic, if you will. Apps, which were created with a mobile mindset, are crossing over to computers. The result isn't good. Frankly, it's a port-a-palooza of undeserving games which shouldn't have made the transition.

The thing is, many of these apps were designed with iOS and Android users in mind. These are people who are only putting aside a very brief period of time to play, on devices with sparce input options, and limited resources. These are people who want a quick fix sort of game--something to enjoy briefly when waiting for friends or family to show up for an event, or to kill some time while traveling."

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SteamPowered1217d ago

Look at Windows 8. They took a Cell Phone format and shoved it on Pc. Is it any wonder why these crappy flash games are taking off? Personally I cant stand it, but its the way things are trending.

TheWackyMan1217d ago

Wasn't this game based on some flash game that was originally on the PC?

MoveTheGlow1217d ago

The devs must have figured that Plague Inc. would be bought by strategy fanatics, which are most definitely on the PC above all other systems. I mean, if Tropico survived through four sequels, they could at least get a couple of bucks.

I do think there's an offloading of crap from especially the Google Play store on Steam and other sites lately. And still, the one game I want on PC from mobile, Wayward Souls, hasn't made the transition yet. Sigh.

If they gave it a little time, though, I bet Vlambeer could make a great PC port of Ridiculous Fishing.