Destiny Makes $325 Million During Embargo Week, Real Sales Test Starts Now That Reviews Are Out

Although Destiny is appearing to be doing quite well, let's not forget this rather impressive sales figure has been collected during one of the most controversial weeks in game reviewing history.

With most reviewers giving Destiny low to average scores, the real sales test begins now that gamers are well informed of what the industry really thinks about Bungie's latest efforts.

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danniellelewis1547d ago

The low reviews still keep coming in. I thinks it another smoke screen to keep the hype machine gravy train rolling into profit for Activision and Bungie

cleft51547d ago

Destiny is a solid game that can be the foundation for something really great. I think after a month we will all know if Destiny is going to turn into anything worthwhile. With that said, I brought the game and have put at least 50 hours into it. So yeah, I got my money worth.

There is definitely $60 worth of value in the game, but people where expecting a lot more than what Bungie delivered. Bungie only has themselves to blame for that, however this game is pretty much a mmo. So Bungie can still deliver on their promise, it will just take time. That's why I think review scores are pointless for this sort of experience. Especially the rushed Review scores.

shloobmm31547d ago

Guild Wars 2 is proof non traditional MMO's can flourish if updated regularly without needing a subscription fee. Hopefully Bungie continues to enhance the overall Destiny experience without asking us to reach into our pockets for every little bit extra.

EdnaJones971547d ago

Is there away to get sales details of how well Destiny continues to do?

It will be interesting to see just how the company keeps pushing through regardless of reviewers

Conzul1547d ago

I know I'm playing it like an addict. Could it have been better? Yes. Will it get better? Yes. For free? ...No.

Eonjay1547d ago (Edited 1547d ago )

"Real Sales Test Starts Now That Reviews Are Out"

No, No, I assure you that $325 Million is very real.
The fact that the "reviewers" have an expectation that their scores and opinions should be the determining factor of success is quite narcissistic.

henrythomas2841547d ago

Whats funny is people comparing it to Halo as if thats a bad thing. Thus was the sort of game Bungie always wanted to make with Halo.

Destiny is the evolved version of Halo and it can only keep better with new content they are planning to introduce to keep us all happy to christmas.

I say screw the reviews on this one.

lisamorgan41547d ago

@ Eonjay

Its not exactly like Destiny has some major competition snapping at its heals so 325 million is very feasible considering the drought of good AAA so far on PS4 and Xbox one

NewMonday1547d ago

word of moth between friends has been great and Youtubers are loving the game and they have more influence than the games media today.

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3-4-51547d ago

It seems the people who actually bought the game are having fun with it, and those who were never going to are bashing the heck out of it.

Yea it has OBVIOUS flaws, like the story, but the gameplay is really solid, especially the sparrow & PvP.

fr0sty1547d ago

This is like saying all game pre-orders, which make up a massive chunk of sales, are invalid. Stupid argument. A review does not make the game, and we all know how little we can trust modern gaming journalism to deliver a fair, unbiased opinion about something.

Shadonic1547d ago

Nope the low reviews get more heat on this site actually because the fans come to defend it and the people not so into destiny come to do their " I told you so!!!! " routine.

I remember seeing like 3 8/10 reviews 3 days ago not get featured for 2 days while new low review scores were being thrown in like marshmellows at a campfire.
honestly its just some huge gear that's being turned by all the hate.

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alvinmiller921547d ago

I would be very surprised if the reviews haven't impacted peoples excitement for this game unless you get those bury your head in the sand fan boys, willing to just rant about how much they love this game

KwietStorm1547d ago

Or those people who just don't care about reviews, right?

BiggerBoss1547d ago

So because I'm enjoying the game, and not listening to a websites review score, my head is buried in the sand? Are people not allowed to just play Destiny and like it??

amyortega1311547d ago

Sadly I think some people can't think for themselves unless a review site tells them its good.

Eonjay1547d ago (Edited 1547d ago )

Or they enjoyed the beta so they let they value their own opinions, above the reviewers who proclaim to be the guardians of success, be the determining factor in their purchase.

SIX1547d ago

I personally love this game. Seriously, reviews are subjective opinions. I prefer to make my own opinions and all I know is that me and my brothers are loving this game. Designs are great! Bosses are amazing, and most importantly, the gun play is spot on with a massive variety to choose.

edwardhuff6631547d ago (Edited 1547d ago )

Best damn 60 dollars i spent this year.

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Frankskint1547d ago

Spot bloody on. I bet you any money Activision will not be posting those figures next week.

shloobmm31547d ago

Games generally don't match there initial sales numbers. Naturally the sales will go down little by little as time goes on.

ginalee5541547d ago

Looks awful lot like smoke screening to me.

vivid831547d ago

I think word of mouth is more powerful than reviews

CaptainCamper1547d ago

Well said.

The average gamer doesn't give a shit what some website says, especially when so many are are tied to publishers through advertising deals and exclusive arrangements.

Word of mouth will dictate the success of this game following launch week, not review scores.

dericb111547d ago

Didn't this same company do the same thing with Diablo 3 years ago and the game ended up doing well with all the bia and silly reviews. These sites need to figure out they have no real influence anymore. We can watch the games being played by real people on Twitch, Ustream, Live with Playstation and most more. We don't need reviews for the most part.

Example. I was on the fence about Diablo 3 for PS4. Watched a guy play on Live with Playstation for a hour. Love it and picked it up later that play. Didnt see or need a review to see I liked the game.

charliewong9801547d ago

Screw the reviewers, power to the players.

I really want destiny to keep selling well. That will show all those stuffy pants with their fancy words what the real gamers think about their opinions on probably one the best games this year.

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