WWE 2K15 Playtest: Realism, Stamina, Skill Sets & Abilities, 2K Showcase and more - TheGamesDungeon

Hands-on of WWE 2K15 with exclusive info regarding the new realistic simulation style gameplay, Stamina System, new superstars Abilities and Skill Sets, details on the 2K Showcase Mode, Charged Finishers, OMG Moments and more.

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Reddzfoxx1497d ago

Funny when Realism is used in the title of an article about a game which is based on a fake sport.

NxeonPwn1497d ago

Not fake, just scripted. I would like to see you take a suplex off of a turn buckle and not feel extreme pain.

Kane221497d ago

i guess all those injuries we've seen on live tv of broken legs, arms, a death were all fake i hate when anyone says wrestling is fake.

Reddzfoxx1497d ago

It's true that the plots are predetermined and the moves are choreographed. Wrestlers aren't really trying to beat up and injure each other.

The Ring is rigged to be a lesser trampoline in terms of when you fall on it its not rock hard and allows some cushioning so not to injure the performers.

Pro wrestling has been incorporating more and more stuntman type things to spice up the tv show and for the most part its safety first. There are the rare cases when something goes wrong. Owen Hart comes to mind and his death but that is an extreme.

Moe-Gunz1497d ago

Wrestlers seem to get injured far more than other sports athletes. Sure it is scripted but the risk is huge. The "wrestling is fake" claim is so dismissive and comes from ignorance.

So many wrestler's careers have been cut short due to wear and tear on their bodies. Many have had life threatening injuries that we see happen live on TV.

1497d ago