Eurogamer: Destiny Review

Destiny blazes a clear trail through the middle of the desolate no man's land that, for years now, has segregated the bombastic emptiness of shooter campaigns from the frenetic slaughter of multiplayer. And it does so with a poise and depth that its few peers - games like the charming but scrappy Borderlands and Far Cry - cannot match; a poise and depth that will keep people playing it for years.

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metalhead1371d ago

Great review. This is a solid game.

Volkama1371d ago

Yes, this is the review to read if you are deciding whether or not you want to invest in the game. Thorough and well considered.

Strip the score off the bottom though, as that doesn't really add anything of any value.

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jmac531371d ago (Edited 1371d ago )

Eurogamer is usually pretty harsh. Surprised to see an 8 after all the 6's. Maybe they actually played the end game unlike all the other reviewers.

venom061371d ago

Eurogamer is only harsh on EA titles or any other title NOT published by Activision. Go back and look at their history.

overrated441371d ago

This is what I thought as well, Eurogamer is usually at the bottom end as far as review scores go, and I'm totally okay with that...Not every website has to subscribe to the "8+" review score scale. But I'm glad to see that they also enjoyed it, the game has obvious flaws but I'm definitely enjoying my time with it. Hopefully the story gets a bit more fleshed out with updates and whatnot and we'll have a very solid game on our hands, right now it's a good game...but it could be an excellent game.

SliceOfTruth8881371d ago

This game compared to the "typical" AAA game had a meh story, but compared to usual MMO's it was the best ive played and it at the very least gave you a premise to fight on. This game is easy to "beat" compared to other games, but finishing the last boss on your first time around is not really beating the game. This game is unlike any game i have played and being 24 hours into i feel like there is so much more for me to do and i cant wait to get home and play it. This game getting a 6 is not fair and honestly a typical review for this game isnt fair. This is FAR from the best game ive ever played but the vision Bungie has and even though people are saying this game is boring....the love and care that bungie put into this thing is screaming for attention every second you play it and it shows

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