How Scary is The Evil Within? New Gameplay Video Shows Shocking PS4 Footage (JP)

Check out the new japanese video of The Evil Within (Psycho Break) from Bethesda and Tango Gameworks, that show us some scary actors and new PS4 gameplay footage (at 0:56).

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Viryu1548d ago

Creepy looking monsters =/= a scary game

aCasualGamer1548d ago

This is more of a survival horror game... while PT was a straight up horror game.

Lightning Mr Bubbles1548d ago (Edited 1548d ago )

I can't take this game seriously with that cheap Saw looking box art.

If this game where a movie, it looks like it would go straight to redbox just by looking at the cover.

aCasualGamer1548d ago

Well, i don't think this game is bad. It's more of a survival horror and i'm glad Shinji Mikami is back in a genre he had part in creating.

I'm going to pick this up no doubt. But i'm looking more forward to Silent Hills. P.T. just blew me away. The visuals. The environment. The choice to keep it simple. It is a psychological ride down to horror hell in my opinion. The shivers it sent down my spine. Have never felt anything like that from watching any horror movie or any videogame since i was 10. Remembering playing RE for the first time when i was a kid. That's the same feeling i got when i played PT.

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Zenith4k1548d ago

Psycho, the thing, (original), the living dead series, Jason's, freddy kruger..... Couldn't be arsed writing 100 more movies that are jump-scare movies which are ALL classified as HORROR.

darren_poolies1548d ago

This game has some mad pop in and graphical issues.

Plagasx1548d ago

Lol Japanese people look funny when they're scared.

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