140° Sony PS3 to get Nintendo Wii Balance Board type device

When it comes to games consoles that require a peripheral it is the Nintendo Wii that is king, this is since the launch of the Balance Board. However; other consoles have had great success with using peripherals. Games which have utilized this are Guitar Hero and Rock Band. Both these titles have seen great success, so just think how future titles will be perceived by the public if more was launched.

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nice_cuppa3829d ago

as it would be funny to hear the cover stories about why its not copying the wii !

kewlkat0073829d ago (Edited 3829d ago )

"Sony gets Wii-like motion board that is so much better with HD, it's revolutionary" Now tell me that's no Innovation.

....You know how it is

More power to Sony but I don't have it for the Wii so would never buy it for any console...

Condoleezza Rice Below - Oh we could go on on and on about Ideas built on others, but I won't..ha!

Condoleezza Rice3829d ago

Since Nintendo are the first company to create a device you step on that tracks your actions into a game,correct?

deeznuts3829d ago (Edited 3829d ago )

"The world of gaming is full of rumours the latest being that, the Sony PS3, Xbox 360 and PC are to get some sort of motion sensing board. The board much like the Wii Balance Board will be used for Activision’s upcoming title Tony Hawk’s Adrenaline."

Maybe because it's activision coming out with it? And it's for all platforms? The article is quite stupid. First, it is a rumor. Then, It focuses on Sony introducing it, but then goes to say all the major platforms will get it, and that it's Activision developing it.

Wait. You guys did read it, right?

SiLeNt KNighT3829d ago

do people realize this stuff takes quite a long time to actually create and manufacture. its like saying apple copied motorola because they made a cell phone. sure ideas are borrowed but i can guarantee that things like this are in the works long before other companies actually release theirs. its not like this is true innovation. its a freakin board that senses where youre standing on it. im sure the idea was thought of before but because it gets boring after awhile most suspected its not worth making until nintendo saw such a profit from it. besides, the more popular the wiimote or wiifit are the better advertising if sony or ms decides to release this. they dont have to start from scratch trying to market this thing...nintendo has already done it.

Tomdc3829d ago

as you can see on the picture, the one on the left is the PS3 model, the one on the right is the Wii one. Anyone who can't tell the difference between those is clearly a nutter. =P

CrashSharc3829d ago

if this is true, I'm gonna give Sony as much flak as I did with MS for their supposed waggle-wand.

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mintaro3829d ago

I dont see it as a good move, as many of you on N4G have said, inovate dont replicate

Drekken3829d ago

I dont know about everyone else... but I like to play my games sitting down.

jwatt3829d ago

I'm going to be kind of pissed if I don't see any games using the PS eye. From previous videos that I saw Sony doesn't need a wiimote or a wiiboard the Eye has a lot of potential. Unless they plan on using the board along side the PS eye. I want to see some games using the eye at E3 with pretty graphics too.

SiLeNt KNighT3829d ago

yeah i picked up the ps eye when it first came out because i thought they would have put it to use a lot more by now. i would think the motion sensing would be more accurate using the break away controller with sensors in it and the ps eye, as opposed to something like the sensor on the wii.

Stryfeno13829d ago

Ps3 fit?.....What is the industry doing? Mark Rein was right, Wii is a virus.

ChickeyCantor3829d ago (Edited 3829d ago )

As my Tutor said: Get people infected( no he wasnt talking about STD), its the only way to get people thinking( beyond ).

In other words, if there is something(an idea), share it so others can learn from it or get inspired. And sometimes so they can even expand the idea to a whole new level.

( XD uhmmm i just got reminded of mei ling)

bama3829d ago

Phase 2- Counterattack

Shadow Flare3829d ago

If this is true, then i don't respect the decision behind it. There's a certain coolness to driving your own path through the industry, with your own innovation and style, not blatently ripping off other people so closely.

PoSTedUP3829d ago

get that sh*t outa here.

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