Destiny: Why the Critics Got This One Wrong

One of our vets explains why many critics didn’t handle the Destiny review properly, and says it’s all a matter of expectations versus reality.

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lifeisgamesok1398d ago

Most gamers seem to think the 6/10 reviews are correct from their experiences

Battlefieldlover1397d ago

Second time I've read this from you. Care to explain how you know what most gamers think? Cause if you are going off comments and the majority of reviews...then the games pretty decent man.

...wait...Are you a wizard? 8[

Mega241397d ago

He come from the MOON!!!

But seriously, only people with a short attention spam seem to not be enjoying the game. It could have been bigger, more diverse mission, but this is just a social experiment, Bungie said it themselves, there was more planned for it, even space dogfights, but things most be cut out of it.

I am enjoying it, love its playstyle, feels like the first time I popped halo 2 to my xbox and was in awe at how great it was.

jebabcock1397d ago

I just think its funny that people pretend that there was a big let down... Most everyone who was hardcore about the game got to play it in the beta. Anyone claiming that the game wasn't what it was hyped to be, must have been living on a different planet for the past several months.. After the beta especially there were a plethora of user/peer reviews and commentary about the game for anyone who cared to see what other people thought of their experience...
Most of the articles that are being generated about Destiny now are by people who want to Capitalize on generating drama where there isn't really any need for it.. To me that is the biggest gripe i have at the moment, all these nonsensical articles..

To me personally, the game is solid. I think its probably underrated if anything. but that is just me.

I hope their sticking it to the press actually sets a precedent. Better Game sales for all because people might actually try good games out without having the stigma of a unreliable Number telling them its a bad idea.

ScottyHoss1397d ago

I've just replaced reading reviews with going to gamestop,buying a game, and either returning it in 7 days and trying something else or returning it for PSN cards and buying it digitally. Reviewers are often hypocritical and have prejudice in some way.

thekhurg1397d ago

The people that do are likely the types of gamers that have never been exposed to MMO style gameplay. These games are never completed and always evolving. The story is just put in place to push the player from zone to zone, not to be some compelling work of fiction that keeps you up at night wondering what the next amazing plot twist will be.

Jughead34161397d ago

Most gamers I know that play Destiny think the game is extremely fun and addictive. Including me. I'd recommend this game to everyone. I have seen many media outlets review the game as an MMO. And it's not an MMO. Bungie even says this multiple times throughout the development process. The press has power though. Many people will be turned off from an awesome game based on reviews.

NovasRevenge1397d ago

i agree, most people on console are noit used to this type of game, they expect to storm through the story and get all the best weapons and gear handed to them on a plate. anyway im loving this game, just a shame many will miss out because o reviews from ppl who dont like it because its not like call of duty.

Slugfest3211397d ago

I disagree i dont like it but the main reasons are that the weapons aren't varied enough missions don't mix it up and enemies are pretty boring. Add the open world areas that dont have much to explore apart from parts from missions and empty caves nd building tht ave nothing going on in em just leaves it feeling hollow. I cant fault the game play mechanics because it is a well made game just it feels to hollow.

WalterWJR1397d ago

Ball slacken, the reason MMOs evolve is they have to, to keep players playing so they get paid.

Bungie already has your money and the only content you will see now is for a little more. The hype marketing train ruined this game for me.

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TardcoreGamer1397d ago

10/10 people agree that Destiny isn't a 10/10 kinda game. That's my observation thus far.

ravens521397d ago

You obviously observe like a turd :)
This game is great very very underrated and very very funny how people let other people make decisions for them...smh

ABizzel11397d ago

A 6/10 or lower isn't a proper score for this game. But neither is a 9/10 or higher. Anything between 7 - 8.9 I can agree with, and I can even agree with some 6 if you're a single player gamer (because Destiny isn't for you at all, and Bungie either needs to go full MMO, or fix the game to make solo play more inviting).

n4rc1397d ago

Agree.. 6/10 is a joke..

But everyone seems to think you can't enjoy something but still see its flaws..

Sure the missions are boring, the identical empty caves are lazy and there could be more variety..

Yet I'm still hooked on it.. Lol.. Its so much fun to play and it looks and runs great.. 7-8 would be an accurate review IMO..

However part of me thinks those caves weren't meant to be empty etc.. Activision won't invest $500m unless they think they can make $1b.. Dlc is going to be huge and fill out the game I believe

BlackWolf121397d ago

Woah! Are you saying that you personally know, or have read comments from over 2 million gamers?

That's freaking impressive dude. I mean, I am probably wrong as well, the game had 2 million pre orders in the US alone, so possibly 4 million world wide?


You must be like, more popular than Oprah. But if that isn't the case, if you don't know them or have read comments from each one, don't go around making generalist statements on behalf of them. 4 million pre orders man, and how many people are bitching and moaning on the internet about being 'disappointed'? A couple hundred? Lol

CorndogBurglar1397d ago

Maybe he read their minds? Did you ever think about that?

Then he wouldn't have to read their comments OR know them!

You're idea is full of holes, man! Just full of 'em!

seriously, though, you're right :)

CorndogBurglar1397d ago

There's no way you can possibly know that. On these threads alone, it seems pretty much split. There are people that love it, and people that hate it.

I've had a rough time telling which side has more, because it seems pretty close.

But something else you have to consider is the fact that people tend to go online and bash things they don't like versus people that do like something.

The bottom line is, there are tons of people that are loving Destiny, whether you want to believe that or not.

BootyBandit1397d ago (Edited 1397d ago )

As usual you're wrong but that's why you're riding one bubble. You're just doing this for attention. The average user review and media reviews is right around 8. And those that are rating it an 8, like this article is pointing out, are mostly coming at Destiny as it being a pure FPS game. It's not.

If anything Bungie should be applauded for taken such a risk and merging FPS with MMO style game. It's sad how the gaming fans, as well as the alternative and mainstream media, always want both sides of the fence. When a game doesn't evolve enough people say same old game different year. When they go in an unexpected and newer route they're ridiculed and usually in ways that most other games are given a pass for and being equally as guilty of.

Case in point a lot of reviewers used Destiny's story as a reason to mark it down. Since they were mostly comparing to a direct FPS game? How was BF4, COD:Ghost and TitanFalls stories? Exactly. Some reviewers mentioned them but didn't harp on about them and detract points because of it.

Those of us that are actually playing the game longer than a few hours see what a gem of a world Bungie put together called Destiny. We also know that the self entitled media are also acting out like per perpetulant children pitching a fit because Bungie had the shear audacity to alter the parameters of how they wanted the media to approach the reviews of Destiny.

OMG who in the hell do Bungie think they are to do this?! Just give these self entitled jaded know nothings their free stuff and let the chips fall will they may. Sessler did the exact same thing with Infamous:SS because Sucker Punch put parameters on their review / embargo and he gave it the lowest rating the game received while taken a shot at SP during his review. "Which is also what a fair amount of reviewers did with Bungie during their reviews of Destiny."How'd did that work out for Sessler? It was the straw that broke his own back along with so many other hypocritical positions who took the past couple years.

Most of the gaming media is a spoiled rotten jaded self entitled joke. The only people that take them serious are those that use it for fodder to try and get a rise out of others. Case in point you.

Now us gamers will go back to playing one of the more ambitious games released for this new generation of gaming. You can go back to fishing for bait to use in your next attention seeking post.

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DLConspiracy1398d ago

I am enjoying all the minor stuff that you can level up your character. Its addictive in that sense. The first to the top sort of feel, but it does still lack story. A story line they talked very highly of. Not everyone is going to play the game based on leveling and loot. With that said I am OK with an 8\10 for this game maybe 7.5 below that seems a bit rushed review. Still its all in what you were expecting from the game. An unfortunate side effect to hype.

Jughead34161397d ago

@DLConspriacy - I agree with you that the story could've been better. We still don't know what they're going to do in the future, but the story was kind of disappointing. It's still one of my favorite games, and I'd review it at an 8/10. But I learned more about the story from E3 and Gamescom interviews and youtubers than from the actual game. A few of my friends who have the game don't really seem to know what the point of the game is. Only that it's super fun to play. If the story was better, I'd give it a 9 or above.

Mega241397d ago

The story doesn't end there, they need to build the foundation first, and this is it, no story is completed from the start. From the conspiracies on the bungie forums, the story that we are being told, might not even be the full truth. Search for the Destiny conspiracy, it has some pretty interesting points.

DLConspiracy1397d ago

I am willing to give it a chance, I just feel it should have hooked us in a bit more. The beginning of anything should be compelling. Movies music and especially games.

Jughead34161397d ago

This story definitely needs a chance to develop more. It's not a bad story. It's actually good. They just didn't tell it as good as they could've. I think I know what's going on because I followed the game for the past year and a half. Kind of reminds me of Rage. Awesome story. But they didn't tell it well during the actual game. Learned more about it during development

Trekster_Gamer1397d ago

For me game was 6 at best. So yeah I think most critics got it right!

Jahbu1397d ago

For me game is a 9. So yeah I think critics got it wrong!

user3672721397d ago (Edited 1397d ago )

For me it is a 7.5 (Malcom inthe Middle) I think the critics are mixed. Some people like it and some think it is not that good.
For a big and hyped IP from a studio like Bungie...a mixed to avg game simply is not what many had expected. Already traded mine in so that is where I stand.

captainexplosion1397d ago

Most critics gave it better than a 6 so you are wrong. Of 61 reviews on Metacritic there is a total of one review below a 6 and a total of 6 reviews that are a 6 or below. So more than 90% of critics disagree with you.

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jairusmonillas1397d ago

Reviewers are just pissed cause they were forced to pull out the reviews on a much later date.

Gaming Reviews should died out anyway, most of them aren't even gamers lol

Jughead34161397d ago (Edited 1397d ago )

What you said kind of sounds like a stretch, but I kind of believe you. According to the press, Destiny reviews are on par with games like Transformers. Seriously?

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