The UK has more woman gamers than men

MWEB GameZone writes: "According to a recent survey, woman gamers in the UK make up more than half of that nations gaming public."

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HoldenZA1252d ago (Edited 1252d ago )

That is quite a surprise

lord zaid1252d ago

Well not really. Every time one of these surveys comes out it shows that women are taking a bigger and bigger piece of the pie. If anything, this survey is consistent with the facts we've been getting from the last few years.

caseh1252d ago

It's based on 4000 people, it's pot luck and you can rest assured that 99% of those women played a game on their phone while sat on a bus or something.

christian hour1252d ago (Edited 1252d ago )

54% of female gamers passing the time with candy crush saga on a smartphone is not gaming. Its just killing time with zero investment and nothing profound or meaningful being displayed on the games end. I wouldnt count those to be honest. Not in the traditional gaming sense.

Props to the 46% of women surveyed who are playing truly artistic and thoughtful games that have something to say or show us. Games can be so much more than gameplay and it's good to know not all of them are having a watered down cash grab rehashed "puzzle" game smartphone experience.

mopground1252d ago (Edited 1252d ago )

trivia/word/puzzle= candy crush, farmville

xer01252d ago

They are all on mobile playing Kim Kardashian: Hollywood ;-)

plut0nash1251d ago

Surprise? Don't think so. Casual games are very big.

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tigertron1252d ago

Mobile game shouldn't count.

Rik_Mayall1252d ago (Edited 1252d ago )

Operative word being game.

Just because somebody drives a rubbish car you cannot exclude them from a survey of drivers.

ichizon1252d ago

I think it's more like surveying everyone who drove a car the past six months as professional drivers. These surveys all tend to steer clear of mentioning how much the games are played and how diverse the consumption is.

E.g. Spending an evening on and off in FarmVille is not the same as spending an evening in Counter Strike or an MMO raid.

Also, while I can't access the research file in OP's link, they tend to bend data towards whatever they want. Just from the text, I notice that they say: "People aged 45-74 formed 27% of the gamer market compared to 22% who were aged between 8 and 17." Which means that people spanning 29 years play more games than people spanning 9 years. According to that amounts to about 7 million 8-17 year olds and 21 million 45-74 year olds. They just included however many years they needed to make it a majority.

Shenanigans, I say!

lfc_4eva1252d ago

Mobile games shouldn't count?

Why the hell not? You even put in your post the give away word, 'game'.

Mobile, console, pc, smart tv.... whatever the device its being played upon is entirely irrelevant.

Time to move with the times my friend.

yezz1252d ago

I can't call myself a footballer if I just juggle the ball every now and then in my room...

Playing free mobile or facebook games is not being a proper gamer. You need to own a console or a PC and play with it regularly.

user3672721252d ago (Edited 1252d ago )

That is why MS bought Minecraft. That game literally brings in women and casual and it has been on the top or near the very top of the UK chart month after month since its debute on x360.

MRMagoo1231252d ago

I stopped when you said brings the casuals, unless you are mistaking casual for something else you couldn't be more wrong.

People spend months making things in mine craft months and months, that is far from casual.

My_Outer_Heaven1252d ago

I'm from the UK and I call bullshit.

LightDiego1252d ago (Edited 1252d ago )

Looks like feminists are all the same around the world.
These surveys are bullshit, gaming journalists want to push their agenda with that.

Count1252d ago

This is nothing new. The information that 50% of gamers are girls has been around for a while if anyone actually bothered to acknowledge it.

It'd be nice if women got more respect in video games. Surely I'm not the only guy that is tired of all these female characters that completely lack personality and are only really there as male eye-candy.

ShaunCameron1252d ago

That would happen if more women actually got up off their asses and made their own games. Men do not owe them any representation.

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