Sunset Overdrive Is Silly, Stylish, and Incredibly Smart - IGN

Insomniac Games' totally dumb action game is secretly quite intelligent.

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aviator1891548d ago

Sounds just like my type of game.

Palitera1548d ago

Given all the delays, this is now my most anticipated remaining 2014 game, besides Shadows of Mordor.

Sayburr1548d ago

I wish I could say the same. Looks like a beautiful game with a great story and humor, but I just never liked platformers to a great extent. I find them very difficult for me to play and trying to shoot and hit a little landing spot takes a lot of the fun away for me.

I had the same problem with some of the levels in I:SS, espec the lava level with jumping from platform to platform, dodging, and shooting at the same time... guess I am just not wired for it (or I am too old).

Sayburr1548d ago

I hope the "disagrees" about about the "I am too old" statement :)

4Sh0w1548d ago (Edited 1548d ago )

I'm not *old but older than most here, I was just a young kid when Atari released and I've been gaming every since. I don’t think it has anything to do with age, people tend to be good at the game types they really "feel"= attracted to the gameplay and thus play alot. SSO looks like a blast and its the type of game I know I'll really enjoy playing while laughing with friends.

Ksar1548d ago

Sunset overdrive looks like a game that you would see come out on the original Xbox..and that is not a bad thing.

I always remember the original Xbox having a really varied assortment of different genres that I didnt see on PS2 or GC.

Godmars2901548d ago

No. You generally saw arcade minded games like this one.

What you didn't see were things like JRPGs.

Dread1548d ago

although they were not many JRPG, the original box did have great variety. However, what really made it stand out was XboxLive with Halo 2, Mech Assault and Crimson Tide

OOMagnum1548d ago (Edited 1548d ago )

Can you read? Thats exactly what he said godmars.

WeAreLegion1548d ago

*that I didn't know about on PS2 or GC because I didn't play them.

Come on, man. The PS2 had the largest variety of genres by a long shot. Yes, there were some unique and fun games on the Xbox, like Blood Wake (One of my personal favorites), but be realistic.

annoyedgamer1548d ago

They both had variety. Variety and honesty was ample in the community and industry at the time. Now it is greed and trickery that predominates.

3-4-51548d ago

Original Xbox, had a TON of creative and fun games.

SaffronCurse1548d ago

Would of loved to have played this on Ps4. Looks so much fun.

Nathan1701548d ago

Stop hyping games IGN!By the way where's your destiny review!?

aviator1891548d ago

It's supposedly coming out today.

bleedsoe9mm1548d ago

stop reading every destiny and now sunset stories and they will stop writing them , they write what gets clicks

Nathan1701548d ago (Edited 1548d ago )

The problem is that hype is killing the industry.
There are games out there with much less hype that deserve much better sales.
The press is choosing the games we play in a subconscious way.
And you're right, journalism nowadays it's all about the green.

bleedsoe9mm1548d ago (Edited 1548d ago )

@Nathan170 don't just blame the media its our fault as well , if these games weren't our primary interest they wouldn't get the coverage . clicks are being tracked long before it gets to the preview review stage . we see the eefect not the cause , money is being put in much earlier than we think and the result is what we see before game release .

DanzoSAMA1548d ago

Take it from me, it's 4.5/10

user3672721548d ago (Edited 1548d ago )

Can't wait for this game. MS played their cards right by spreading and releasing Forza Horizon 2 in Sep, Sunset Overdrive in Oct, and Halo MCC in Nov with the Halo 5 beta in December. All three games have potential to be game of the month for their respective month. Well played MS.

Lucreto1548d ago

Sunset is not at the right time. A week before COD, 2 weeks before Halo, AC Unity and 3 weeks before GTA V,Dragon Age and Far Cry 4.

It should have been released now before Forza to do far better than it will be at its current release date.

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