New Horizon PS4 Story Details Revealed, Third Artwork Leaked

GC - "We have some new story details from someone who was in the focus group for the game."

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Enemy1127d ago (Edited 1127d ago )

"They showed us some early concept gameplay, it seemed like one of the more unique aspect of the gameplay was that your character uses rope arrows to tangle up those giant dinobots like AT-ATs in Empire Strikes Back"

Holy crap. Sounds like PS4 is getting its own Monster Hunter. This sounds incredible.


DarkOcelet1127d ago (Edited 1127d ago )

Third person
Huge open world
Robot Dinasours
Finally the Rpg genre is taking its reign back from all those genric fps shooter .

KwietStorm1127d ago

Which generic RPG shooters?

Magicite1127d ago

Ive a feeling this gonna be BIG!

Walker1127d ago

is the wither 3 a generic fps shooter ?

-Foxtrot1127d ago

The only thing which is disappointing is for an open world RPG I don't get to choose my gender.

radler1126d ago

...and so gamers begin hyping themselves up insane amounts over yet another game. You guys never learn.

Dirtnapstor1126d ago

Future tense, technology has bitten and overrun its very creators maybe? Sounds awesome!

MrPink20131126d ago

Looks cool so far, can't wait to see what the team can do outside of Killzone

Haru1126d ago

This might turn out to be the next Fallout game! Don't forger that a Fallout dev is also working on this game

Inzo1126d ago

Its not confirmed RPG, it just says the Open world is like the Witcher.

NewMonday1126d ago

it's the Fallout New Vegas lead writer.

Monstar1126d ago

all u people do is get over excited and hype games to the moon and then end up getting dissapointed....we havent seen any footage of this game so calm the F down.

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bouzebbal1127d ago

i hope we hear something at VGAs

Thatguy-3101127d ago (Edited 1127d ago )

That's what I assume is going to happen. A lot has been coming out from this game as of lately which usually ends up with some sort of small announcement. Since VGA's is the closest thing I believe they're going to have some sort of teaser trailer followed by a full out unveiling at E3

wsoutlaw871127d ago

Ya sony has showed some big games off at vgas before. It would be a good time to do it if its a holiday 2015 game

nucky641127d ago

yea, I have to think sony will either show this game in a trailer or UC4 gameplay at the me a reason to dvr the show and fast-forward thru to find it.

3-4-51127d ago

This game looks awesome....the concept of it at least.

killacal131127d ago

I need gameplay footage in my heart now!!!

Patrick_pk441127d ago

The hype is real people! Guerrilla Games is finally branching out of Killzone, and into something better.

HeWhoWalks1127d ago

Different. Something different. It can exist with Killzone just fine. Never understood today's gamer mentality of one thing having to "one up" something else.

OT: Hearing that it's 3rd person changes everything! My hype meter has jumped tremendously!

Enemy1127d ago

It's also worth noting they hired new writers who are working on this game.

Cryptcuzz1126d ago

Glad they are branching out from Killzone. I always felt like Guerrilla Games has so much potential in creating compelling games that is not Killzone and based on the concept art for Horizon, I was totally on point!

Monstar1126d ago

something better? how do you know this lol....i swear this is the year of HYPE and dissapointment.

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ion531127d ago

If the gameplay is anything like MH I'll cry tears of joy, and if it's open world I'll but two copies and a mother PS4 for my other house

spicelicka1127d ago

This concept looks amazing! I love their art style!

Cryptcuzz1126d ago

Robotics evolving to dinosaurs/animals -humans forced into tribal, hunter/gatherer lifestyles -CAN I GET THREE COPIES PLEASE!

Seriously looking forward to finding out more about this game.

SonyMontana1127d ago (Edited 1127d ago )

I realize we all want a great game, but do we have to start the hype train before any of us know any concrete details? I'm personally doing my best go into these new games with a level head. I mean look at all the disappointment gamers have had this year due to being overly hyped. It's fun to read about new IP's especially, but we have to take it with a grain of salt.

SonyMontana1127d ago

LMAO at disagrees. This industry will never change...

Haru1126d ago

It's a open worl RPG made by GUERRILLA thats all I need to know..

PudgeyBurrito1126d ago

It's Natural for people to get excited about new IP's especially from a studio that has made great games in the past. It would be better if you just didn't comment and let others express there love for gaming. All you do is bring us down.

SonyMontana1126d ago

@PudgyBurrito How about I say whatever I feel like because its the truth. So you're okay with people crapping all over good games because they were over hyped, but you're not okay with someone trying to set realistic expectations to alleviate the hate from inflated expectations? Nice logic there pal. Try it somewhere else.

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christian hour1127d ago

That is the most ridiculous watermark I have ever seen!

YoungKingDoran1126d ago

Yeah for real. I'm on my phone and thought it was raining in the picture... Raining copyright (even though the watermark is from some Chinese website)

christian hour1126d ago

I'm on a netbook and even I thought it was raining in the thumbnail, chubby rain.

Septic1126d ago

Haha I didn't realise it was a watermark until I read your comment. Wow.

christian hour1126d ago

Apparently someone who is a massive fan of full image watermarks has been disagreeing with us. I can't even begin to rationalize that with logic.

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breakpad1127d ago

why robotic dinosaurs ?? why Guerilla?? you have the engine to make fantasy living beings like dinosaurs and you made the robot ...its sound to childish and i ve gone right off the game now

MysticStrummer1127d ago

Sounds like part of the story to me. You think present day animals are going to evolve back into dinosaurs…?

goken1127d ago

i guess if they made dinosaurs with this concept... sounds much like a capcom law suit waiting to happen lol

Evilsnuggle1126d ago (Edited 1126d ago )

YES YES YES YEAH. This game sounds awesome .

GG first 3rd person open world action RPG yes thank you Lord. Would love a mature monster hunter/Phantasy Star Online .

Would be great if you could from a hunting party or a hunting clan.

This is why I LOVE Sony. So many different types of games lots of Game variety. The Tomorrow Children ,Bloodborne, Wild , Rime now GG new game horizon .I want to play them all.

But seriously I love all of Sony newly announced first party exclusive games. Microsoft would never make games like these . Nope just more first person shooters or third person shooters and action shooters games with lots of splosions . Because dude bro's love some splosions. All games from Microsoft are for 13-25 year old demographic. Picked by some suit trying to find the next COD blockbuster.

ssj271126d ago

Im a huge killzone fan and shadow if the colossos fan.. is monster hunder gameplay anything similar to shadows of the colossos?

Kidmyst1126d ago

Sounds like someone may not be invited back to another focus group if they find out who leaked. I say that because of all the focus groups I've done with gaming and PC tech there is an agreement you must sign that it's like Fight Club.
But the game looks cool, will be keeping an eye on this and I love the Killzone franchise so excited to see more.

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Kid-Prodigy-KP1127d ago

Day One Collectors Edition Will Be Mine.

SonyMontana1127d ago

Already??? We know virtually nothing about this game yet. Now I see why these companies start these hype trains, it works! Stay level headed bro.

GTgamer1126d ago

I feel where your coming from but come on we all want a game like this to succeed the concept alone has me excited so imma root for this IP make me proud GG.

Gamerbeyond1126d ago

i will sell my ps4 just to get the horizons ps4 bundle.

Kayant1127d ago

Ok random reddit user. I will believe you this time :p.

Game has some amazing art. Can't wait until it's revealed.

PaleMoonDeath1127d ago

Will we see this tomorrow? any guesses?

mdluffy1127d ago

I think they said 2015 e3!

Dark111127d ago

No way
it's a WRPG .. E3 is more likely.

Kayant1127d ago

Way too big for TGS. E3 2015 is where Shinobi says it's supposed to be revealed.