Top Spin 3: 360 vs PS3 vs Wii Comparison Video

PS3, Xbox 360 and Wii go head to head in this Top Spin 3 video comparison.

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SUP3R3835d ago (Edited 3835d ago )

[email protected] version.
It's like they don't even TRY to make it look semi-decent.
That's a damn shame.

No comment on the other two on a count of I don't care.

fox023835d ago

lol at the WII version. It's official now; the Wii is just a cash machine, so if you do own a WII, you're a cash cow.

BrotherNick3835d ago

It does kinda suck that they put no effort into it, I've been looking for a game that will make wii tennis obsolete.

pharmd3835d ago

both have strengths,

360 more color/vibrant
ps3 crisper/more detailed images...

i think i just found a replacement for my virtual tennis :D

harrisk9543835d ago

Pong has sure come a long way since the days of the Odyssey!! (hope I didn't date myself too much!)

Smacktard3835d ago

Oh god you have absolute NO IDEA what the term "cash cow" means, fox02. You just came off sounding like an idiot.

A cash cow is something that makes a company a lot of money. And they can keep milking it for money. Hence the name, cash cow. A cash cow isn't someone who buys a product, doofus.

The Wii version isn't that bad. I mean, it's certainly no 360 or PS3 (PS3 graphics look the best, in my opinion) but isn't this obvious? The main selling point of the Wii wasn't for the ubar-sweet krisp graphix, and anyone that bought it for this reason (if anyone) is an idiot. If they don't take advantage of the Wii's unique control, then it'll be trash. But until we know how it controls...

SixZeroFour3835d ago

that first Wii comparison surprised me...lmao, i dont know about you guys, but the wii version looks pretty bad even for n64 graphics...

and yea, 360 version does look better, but the quality of gameplay looks solid on both versions...i mean ps3 and 360 of course

fox023835d ago

I translated the french expression, which literally means "milk cow"... and I thought it meant cash cow in English. Any way you got my point so... peace.

Smacktard3835d ago

Wow, judging by all of the disagrees with my earlier post, it seems that many people DID buy the Wii for its ubar-sweet krisp graphix, and think that the Wii version of Top Spin 3 looks the best! Also, they think that the game won't be good if it does take control of the Wii's unique control scheme! Who'da thunk!?


I hate stupid "logic"

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Heaven_Or_Hell3835d ago

Wii Version: No comments...
PS3: Washed color
360: Best picture imo, best color, best contrast and best shadow

360 Wins this time

nice_cuppa3835d ago

still tennis....

woop di de doo !

Heaven_Or_Hell3835d ago

For the phantom disagree...
Let us share your phenomenal opinion...

Tony240ZT3835d ago

Agree that the xbox version looked much better here. I can't help but wonder if the PS3 version would look different if the picture was tuned a bit. All of these captures I see of the PS3 where it's washed out never seem to look that bad on my tv.

hideo kojima3835d ago


"All of these captures I see of the PS3 where it's washed out never seem to look that bad on my tv. "

maybe cuz u might be having xbox360.

Ri0tSquad3835d ago

Wii looks years behind.

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PoSTedUP3835d ago (Edited 3835d ago )

like why cant devs understand that they have to make the ps3 the lead platform in order to make the games look equal? if they were really skilled they would have gotten used to the ps3 by now. if they dont care, then fu*k em. either do i, they just lost a fan.

LMAO! how many crayons did it take to make the wii version?!?!

BrotherNick3835d ago

Maybe because they're a business, so they will make it best for who will buy the most games. Unfortunately for you it's the 360.

PoSTedUP3835d ago

nah the devs are just lazy. thats where you separate the hardworking devs from the half-assed devs. look at gta4(both consoles), they both look good, and both the sales are excellent. same thing with cod4. there going to have to get use to the ps3 sooner or later. if they never do then they were never skilled.

edhe3835d ago (Edited 3835d ago )

Jesus, quit pretending that your poor purchasing decision's all the 'developer's fault'. Quit moaning about lazy devs and actually use your head when buying a console.

PS3 gets the poor ports, poorer exclusives, less featured games and you pay more for it.
Wii is just full of shiz, with a few polished diamonds.
The 360 is where all the games are at, and it's cheaper than the competition...If you're a real gamer you'd ensure you had that console as well as or instead of a ps3.

There's a reason that the ps3 has the bad end of the stick and it's got nothing to do with the devs - so just because you have a PS3 does not make you some sort of snob that can complain when companies see the majority of the market is worth more of their time than the minority - who use a product that's just not dev-friendly.

n4gno3835d ago

ps3 lead platform in order to the game look : better !!

it's already equal, with lazy devs.

badz1493835d ago

"PS3 gets the poor ports, poorer exclusives, less featured games and you pay more for it." - LOL at that!!

poor ports? yeah I agree because some devs are just too lazy to optimize the code for PS3. not PS3's fault!

poorer exclusive? I won't go any further on this! 4 words buddy - METAL GEAR SOLID 4!

less festured games? like what? most of the games played exactly the same especially the multiplats! so, achievements? FYI, some PS3 games have their own achievement system! Insomniac have implemented skill points since the 1st Ratchet&Clank and all their games have it! later on, PS3 will have the trophies and In-Game XMB! what are you going to say now?

pay more? most of the games cost the same! but you got DVD, PS3 owners get Bluray! it's scratch-proof you know but whatever! yeah, PS3 cost more but it doesn't break easily! 360 cost less with less feature and you still have to pay to play online! for $50 you only got gold membership, but i can get another game at the same price!

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3835d ago
BrotherNick3835d ago

Wii doesn't win based on visuals, but I was reading that the controls are okay, but in need of tweaking.

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