PS4 Exclusive Bloodborne Gets New Artwork and a Glimpse on Tokyo Game Show’s Bloody Pamphlet

Tokyo Game Show is about to start, and Sony Computer Entertainment is preparing some Bloodborne-themed surprises, showcased by Marketing Manager Yasuhiro Kitao.

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Blastoise1224d ago

Ahhhh welcome back Miyazaki, you were missed

kurochi1224d ago (Edited 1224d ago )

How do you say "hard-on" in Japanese????
Does Google translate do it justice????

killacal131224d ago

I'm mokkori'd up right now for this [email protected] game!

PaleMoonDeath1224d ago

Right, I'd buy one of them for a framed poster, that's sick!

Berenwulf1224d ago

If anyone has a code for the alpha and doesn't need it, I would be happy to receive it :D

killacal131224d ago

I'd give some money for it, send me a pm to work it out

Agent_hitman1224d ago

And since this game is made by the creators of Dark Souls series, I just hope that they will release a 'Prepare to Die' edition as well lol.

nucky641224d ago

if you watched the sony tgs presser - the point was made by miyazaki that the team working on bloodborne is the exact same team that made DEMON SOULS.

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