Destiny review: fabulously flawed (Games in Asia)

Games in Asia: "I’m on the Moon. I’m dressed inappropriately for the occasion compared to Neil Armstrong and friends. Decked out with armor that resembles a rather garish bathrobe, what with being metallic orange and blue and all. I feel like I’m more appropriately dressed for an interstellar pajama party complete with hot alien pillow fights rather than putting a bullet square between the eyes of the enemies of earth.

And that my friends is the best part of Destiny. Well, at least for me. After all, how many games let you save the galaxy in a getup that most looks like snazzy pajamas?"

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Edward751547d ago

I'm enjoying this game immensely. I do think that these reviews being all over the place are correct though, and NOT some conspiracy. It seems my friends (about 15-20 who have the game) also have mixed reviews. The flaws they point out are the same with many that some reviews are giving lower scores for. 3 people of the friends that have the game have already gone back to Diablo. Those three also regret buying it.

I think it's simple... This is a mix of two genres, and there are those who want more out of say the FPS part, and those who want more out of the mission grinding/RPG aspects.

These scores are all fine ranging from 9 to even as low as five. I understand both sides.

warczar1547d ago

I agree the game is not without its flaws but would you say its the worst FPS on current gen systems? Because that's exactly what a 5 out of 10 score means. I don't know about you but I wouldn't buy Destiny based on the scores it's gotten I'm glad I did though because I'm having a blast with it. A score like that is interfering with someone's ability to have a good time and in my book that makes them assholes.

Clogmaster1547d ago

The scoring system in gaming culture is so out dated though.

Honestly, all we really need is a bullet point list of pros and cons with a detailed written review. The number means nothing really.

In the end, Metacritic would be a huge list of pros and cons and we could then just read that list.

Dread1547d ago (Edited 1547d ago )

very good analysis Edward.

I agree fully. In fact I also went back to Diablo yesterday.

bubbles up

joab7771547d ago

No. Not a 5. It's a 9, an amazing game w/ the potential to become a classic.

Darth Gamer1547d ago

Agreed! I actually was thinking about skipping this game and returning my preorder but am very glad I didn't. I am having a blast with this game. These sub par reviews need to stop. This game is definitely not a 5 of a 6. I get that hating on Destiny is the cool, in thing to do now, but come on, this is ridiculous. An 8 is the lowest this game should be receiving. This is why I absolutely hate review scores and their sites. They mean nothing anymore. Watch a little youtube gameplay and make your own damn judgment.

MysticStrummer1547d ago

"And another one."

Another score that's way too low, according to the people I know who are playing the game.

Jughead34161547d ago

@MysticStrummer - I agree with you. Everyone that I know that has played Destiny, including 3 of my work buddies all think Destiny is extremely fun. It's a shame though that the press is going to persuade people to not buy this game based on bogus review scores. To give this game a 5 or 6 of 10 makes me wonder what game they were really playing. At the lowest, I'd give it an 8

aviator1891547d ago

I still can't fathom as to how bungie screwed up on mission structure variety for destiny.
They should have focused more on that over anything else (well, with the exception to gameplay mechanics).

Pintheshadows1547d ago (Edited 1547d ago )

I actually think it needs an in game codex and more interaction with NPC's as well. And I never thought I would say this, but more cutscenes.

I can't help but feel that they wasted the likes of Nathan Fillion, Claudia Black, Lance Reddick, and Bill Nighy massively.

aviator1891547d ago

Nathan fillion was in destiny??

Pintheshadows1547d ago (Edited 1547d ago )

Yup, he is either the hunter or warlock vanguard. Not sure which.

Also, exactly. You summed up my point by your reaction.

TM3331547d ago

These reviews are just a joke now. No, I will not click on your site and no, you will not bring down the game. Get over it.

Torque_CS_Lewith1547d ago

Who should get over what exactly? Sounds to me that YOU need to get over other people's opinions!
You like the game, some don't. I see no need for anger here.

TM3331547d ago

Ya, I'm getting pissed off that people are giving this game 5's and 6's and actually expect to be taken seriously. I mean, REALLY?! I'm sorry, that's pathetic. I can see right through this so called "journalism".

user3672721547d ago (Edited 1547d ago )

After all these bad to below avg reviews..It is pretty much confirmed that Destiny is the new Too Human or Lair of this generation. Another spot on review to highlights its flaws and shortcomings.

LordMaim1547d ago

The worst review pegs Destiny as an "average" game, and even they concede that the game is fun. To say that "it is pretty much confirmed" is a skewed interpretation that should read "it is my opinion". An opinion that I might add, you provide in every article about Destiny that is posted on the site.

There are a lot of people enjoying Destiny including myself, and the worst that I can say is that it's a little light on content at launch. Disappointing perhaps, but there's a lot of free content being released all the time with special events planned out for months. I'm willing to bet that Bungie will continue to deliver.

MysticStrummer1547d ago

You go ahead and listen to, and I'll listen to the people I know who are loving it.

What's pretty much confirmed is that some people want the game to fail, and I'm not talking about the reviewers.

user3672721547d ago (Edited 1547d ago )

Please...I bought the game for my XB1 on launch day and why would I want it it failed after spending my hard earned $60 for it? Me and many others feel like we didn't get the game that we were led to believe and it maybe it just isn't any good. Not just gameinasia but reputable sites like Gamespot, EGM, Giant Bomb and many others also said the same thing. If you go to Neogaf, there is a 100 page thread on Destiny reviews and 80% of the people there agreed with what I been saying after playing the game. Go ahead with the conspiracy theory agian. 😒

@Jeff below,

Bungie told me this is the best game they ever created and I expect a game with a scifi epic world and interesting and memorable characters and many different layers to the gameplay and not doing the same type of grinding mission over and over and over. Never play the beta but usually beta is limited to only the mp portion of the game and doesn't usually tell what the entite whole game have to offer.

JeffGUNZ1547d ago


What game did you expect to get? The alpha and beta seemed to be a very clear indication of what we were going to get. I feel like this product contains much more content and replayability then most $60 games out there.

JeffGUNZ1547d ago

I've played Too Human and I am playing Destiny now. This game is nowhere near Too Human. Destiny is an amazing game and everyone who I have actual verification has played it, absolutely loves it. I don't know if reviewers were way too overhyped or are just following a trend of scoring it lower then it really deserves.

I feel this game is a victim of reviews based off hype and not based off what the actual game is.

Pintheshadows1547d ago

I think a 5 is maybe a bit too harsh myself, but at the same time, by taking a step back, I can see why someone would apply that score to it.

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