The Hype Has Got To Stop

Destiny is the second high-profile release of the year to disappoint many players, while simultaneously breaking sales records.

Mark Butler argues that hysterical pre-release hype is conning consumers into expecting revolutionary experiences from unremarkable games.

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DanJenkoFMV1376d ago

Glad I waited on reviews for Destiny, looks really repetitive and bland.

mochachino1376d ago

It is, but it's also fun with friends. Somehow a bunch of inferior parts made a very addictive whole.

n4rc1376d ago

Very true.. Despite all its faults, its amazingly addictive

It doesn't need to stop.. The only ones disappointed are the ones believing all the hype.. Its on them..

GodGinrai1376d ago


You summed it up perfectly. They key words? "play with friends" Not sure why anybody would play destiny by themselves anyway.

KAEM71376d ago

@GodGinrai: plenty of people do.

OT: Hype actually is a sort of negative side-effect from huge marketing efforts of publishers. The majority of gamers will not preceive the marketing as too much and will nog get 'overhyped'. The marketing is aimed at all gamers. That some hardcore game fanatics get overhyped and ultimately dissapointed is just collateral damage.

SilentNegotiator1376d ago (Edited 1376d ago )

The only people "falling for the hype" are people that are on the internet too long every day, watching previews and articles about one game, over and over.

They weren't lied to and they weren't given the wrong impression...they just got hung up.

Joe9131375d ago

@KAEM7 they have always said this was going to be something made more for social than single players just people can play through single player if they want but it was made with social online so to me it is not hyped people either got the wrong idea or a bunch of fps fans played it and it is too much like a rpg where you go on raids all the time I can see how that can be repetitive to a fps fan I think if it was third person maybe people would have like it more.

GodGinrai1375d ago


"plenty of people do"

Then I would not be surprised if they are the most vocal of, of the vocal minority that are not enjoying this game. To play this game online is to play it the way bungie intended. That is one of the reasons it has a hard time shaking off the "mmo" tag.

Fact is they are the ones who are not getting the whole destiny experience ( for whatever that is worth, depending on how you feel about this game), so it stands to reason that they would be the most vocal.

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Goku7811376d ago

Destiny is a great game when played with others and leveling up past 20. People need to realize the MMO of this game and that it will be constantly growing. With time it will only get better and better.

DanteVFenris6661376d ago

It's actually really fun. You'll be disappointed at first. But as it goes on the planets seem bigger the quests start to have more variation with more boss fights. Your person as he starts to look badass. Sure it has faults but very fun 8/10 for me. Hopefully the sequel can push the ground work that's already in place. With space combat(at the least pvp), proxy chat, split screen, and a quicker group up system for randoms. The group system is friendly for friends but not much more unless your doing the instances which auto group you. I want that system be an option in the free roam

ion6661375d ago

Question. who in the hell plays split screen anymore?.

Dontworrybhappy1375d ago (Edited 1375d ago )

I have been balls deep. Playing with a group of 10 or so friends and alternating players based on what people are in the mood for what. I swear the more I play, the MORE I NEED to play. I think I have around like 10 hours of sleep for the past few days. O_O Help

ion6661375d ago

Same here. My advice stock up on redbull.

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lifesanrpg1376d ago (Edited 1376d ago )

Articles like this, which simply repeat what we've heard thousands of times, need to stop.

Blastoise1376d ago

What's the difference between being excited and hyping something up?

As long as you don't listen to Ryan Mccaffrey telling you to "Believe the hype" or believing developers when they use the words "Revolution" ect I don't think there's anything wrong with a bit of hype

hkgamer1376d ago

no hype doesnt need to stop. its keeping the industry alive in a sense. what needs to stop is people going out and buying a game and then complain that they didnt think it was mind blowing.

if hype didnt exist then gaming journalism, gaming news might aswell just stop. we read news about new games because we are excited and hyped. this site wouldnt exist if there was no hype.

spacedelete1376d ago

second game to disappoint ? you mean three including Destiny, Titanfall and Watchdogs. ironically all new IPs. this is why sequels sell because new IPs always have a chance to disappoint.

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