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aviator1891224d ago

So that $500M number was just to retailers?

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iiorestesii1224d ago

@ aviator The 5 million was how much this game cost Activision to make.

Kayant1224d ago

Aviator was talking about this -

Which is indeed sold-in(retailer)numbers.

AMZSS1224d ago

Wow they sold over 5 million copies in five days ! , I didn't think they would do it with all of the bad reviews .

gillri1224d ago

you mean 'average to good' reviews?

aviator1891224d ago

Well, most of the reviews hit the webs days after its release, so we won't know the full impact until a few weeks in.

AMZSS1224d ago

Why all the hate ?

But thats the truth ... You can't handle the truth !

Dontworrybhappy1224d ago

I just sold my PS4 so I could pay the premium on my phones insurance. GameStop only gave me 220 in cash, feck in bs

Loktai1224d ago

what the fack are you going on about?

Tedakin1224d ago

I thought that too. I thought it made 500 million in a day... Hrmm

BX811224d ago

Everyone who commented on v for video games' s comment clearly doesnt watch big bang theory.

BitbyDeath1224d ago

Big bang was long before my time. I didn't see it either.

3-4-51224d ago

$500 Million, is for THE ENTIRE SPAN OF THE GAME.

Not just the initial launch game.

People really STILL aren't smart enough to figure that out yet ?

Jazz41081224d ago (Edited 1224d ago )

That was there advertising budget and expenses activision spent on said game

wsoutlaw871224d ago

@jazz4108 no it was not. Its funny how misinformation spreads. Destiny franchise has a 10 year plan. They didnt spend 500m on this game.

aviator1891224d ago

I wasn't talking about the budget.
Days ago, activision reported that they sold $500M worth of destiny copies in the first 24hours. That's why I was wondering about this #325M in a week figure.

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SteamPowered1224d ago

That is crazy that a game generally panned by critics is still a world-beater. Looks like Hype still works.

longcat1224d ago

Actually, the Beta worked. People liked what they saw. I didn't, but i don't dictate the tastes of the planet.

They know their audience.

BattleTorn1224d ago

To each their own.

I think they nailed it, I'm loving it.

Very glad I went digital.

Allsystemgamer1224d ago

I didn't like the beta but I'm enjoying the full game much more.

WeAreLegion1224d ago

Critics. Most people seem to enjoy it.

GodGinrai1224d ago

To be fair though, it not a bad game. It just came up short, in some places. I think it will be a rcher game over time (and DLC/updates), but for now....

Regis1224d ago

What people need to know is that Bungie will release events for this game especially story missions.

If you don't know what I'm talking about here

If you see the queens mission its outlined in a yellow line which if people played Destiny it's a story mission.

demonicale1224d ago

try actually PLAYING IT, then comment.

user3672721224d ago

I did....traded in my copy to Gamestop 2 days ago. It is just an avg game at best with too much repetitive gameplay and a very shallow and bland story and Universe.

aquamala1224d ago

most (all?) of these sales were before any reviews came out

user3672721224d ago (Edited 1224d ago )

Bingo! Activision did say it is the highest pre-order new IP in history and the reviews were held back so people didn't get a chance to cancel it before knowing what product they are going to get. I sense a big dropoff in the second week with tons of used copies in Gaming stores aka probably morso than Watchdogs.

TheDude791224d ago

A 76 Overall (Favorable) on Metacritic (57 reviews) is "generally panned by critics"? ...OK?

Dontworrybhappy1224d ago

Been play in with a lot of my friends. Its awesome. #thegrindisreal

Also, #sorrymissjacksonooohiamforeee ealnevermeanttomakeyodaughtacry iapolagizeatrilliontimes

Kribwalker1224d ago

I wonder if they will count the digital old gen new gen free upgrade as a game sale as well? Easy way to boost sales numbers

generalthadeape1224d ago

I think this "hype" may come back to bite Bungie in the ass because a lot of gamers have traded in their copies of Destiny already and that means less potential for buyers of the DLC coming soon.

As far as future sales of the Destiny franchise goes, I for one will be quite hesitant to simply go full retard and buy that game sight unseen-- did it once & it's not going to happen again.

So, although it looks like Bungie has done well gor themselves at present time as far as sales goes, we just can't be too sure of the longevity of this title yet-- it really could go either way for all we know.

wsoutlaw871224d ago

surprise, critics dont matter. They gave out a beta for people to try and who cares about critics if your friends say its a good game.

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jriquelme_paraguay1224d ago

Awesome! This game is the most fun game by far this gen. Can wait to December!

longcat1224d ago

Activision - 1
Game Reviewers - 0

Myst-Vearn1224d ago

Not really. The game may have sold well, but as a Franchise, it will not take off like Halo did because people will not fall to Destiny 2.

longcat1224d ago

I agree, but the future does not change the current score.

BobbytheBuilder1224d ago

the same thing happened with Assassins Creed 1, but AC2 was the best game in the series and sold more. The framework and brand has been set, now its all up to Bungie to improve

Baka-akaB1224d ago (Edited 1224d ago )

Given how many people react badly to those reviews , or shrug it off as useless , it doesnt mean anything so far .

The press went crazy on AC1 , and it still became the biggest new ip of its generation

Myst-Vearn1224d ago

lol funny how Sony fanboys defend Destiny as if it were a PS4 exclusive. I am a PS4 fanboy myself but this game is terrible.

longcat1224d ago


Whats even funnier is when people lose an argument and then instinctively roll out their fanboy cards.

ravens521224d ago

No one's is talking about the console except you box heads and you. Destiny is a great game on any platform. Pretty sure you didn't play it and if you did, only for a little like the rest of those dismissive folks. Thought we came a far way from judge something before we even experience it guess that was false. Anyway off topic I'm going to start a revolution. We will still have a balanced system but one that we all agree on...we are going to take the man down! Shouldn't be one man runnin all of us once I'm done it'll really be a democracy "For the people by the people" no more secrets!!!

iiorestesii1224d ago

@MYST don't be so sure. As a franchise WOW has earned more revenue and has done so mostly through expansions. Maybe it won't be just like halo but that has nothing too do with anything except your nostalgia.

Shadonic1224d ago

Yea Destiny 2 will do great especially if they add more and show it off, hell even you will be buying it, its inevitable

PrinterMan1224d ago

I most likely will. I thin Destiny is awesome. Got 4 hours in and having a blast!

wsoutlaw871224d ago

@longcat ac1 is a very good comparison. I liked ac1 just as I like destiny because the gameplay and setting is there. They just need to complete more of the game surrounding the fun gameplay.

Destiny 2 will sell fine if they show off some stuff and have another beta for everyone to see the improvement. Reviewers dont buy games, players do, and the people playing destiny like it. Most of the people hating on it now, already were before the release.

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Halo2ODST21223d ago

Halo 4 is terrible, not destiny, although does have some flaws, but really fun & addictive

FsterThnFTL1224d ago (Edited 1224d ago )

Still need $175 million to cover up the costs. It will get there but it has still grossly underperformed.

chaoslh1224d ago

the $500 mil is for 10 years. They didn't get the money day one.

Baka-akaB1224d ago

Seriously ? a 10 years long contracted project get already more than half of it's allocated budget in 5 days , and it's underperforming ?


Really?....grossing 325 million in the first 5 days and that's under performance? Try again troll.