Top 5 Reasons Hyrule Warriors is an Ideal Jumping in Point for the Warriors Series

Lee Garbutt: "Hyrule Warriors is upon us, and there’s a chance you may be put off by the fact it’s a Warriors game. Don’t be, because this game is shaping up to be a good version of the series all by itself. Here’s our top five reasons why it’s a great jumping in point."

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Nerdmaster1218d ago

I've never played any Dynasty Warrior games, and I don't like Zelda (the only one I ever got the patience to finish was Twilight Princess), but I plan to buy Hyrule Warriors in a couple of months. The videos make it look like a cool game.

Xof1218d ago

You'd be better off playing a game that aligns more to your tastes. Like Dynasty Warriors 8XLCE, Samurai Warriors 4, One Piece Pirate Warriors, DW: Gundam Reborn, Saint Seiya, Fist of the North Star, etc., etc.

Or waiting a bit for the Dragon Quest Musou game or new Bladestorm: 100 Years War remake.

Nerdmaster1218d ago

I don't like Zelda games, but I do like the characters. So considering the options you listed, I still think Hyrule Warriors is the safest bet. I generally don't even consider games based on animes because the few I played were all pretty bad.

Iceman X1218d ago

This game has 15 characters and 18 weapons... that's very pityful for a warriors game. Every game that Xof said has over 50-100 characters not clones and way more content. This game is for Zelda fans.

fatneal1218d ago

if the dynasty warrior guys are smart they will keep doin these crossover versions of there game...the same way lego does it...imagine a marvel game done in the dynasty warriors o man

maniac761218d ago

Nice little button masher gor the big kids lol