Grieving, Gaming, Growing: Coping with Loss by Playing Together

Mike Bowerman writes, "So far in this column, I’ve written about relatively light-hearted events throughout my life in which video games were involved in some way. I’m going to be up front here: this post is sad and quite frankly, a little hard to write. I want to be up front about this, not to discourage you from reading, but to emphasize there is a happy ending. I hope this article can encourage those readers who have lost someone special in their own lives.

When I was 8 years old, I was faced with a difficult decision that would affect my life forever. My mother and father had decided to divorce, leaving me in the middle of a terrible situation which neither parent wanted me in, but believed would turn out for the best for everyone. The hard decision? I had to choose who to live with."

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aggrosky1370d ago

This is a truley heart wrenching read... Beautifully done..