Fable 3 Retrospective Review

Joe Yang: "Fable 3 attempts to recreate the Sword of Damocles with a plastic sword. And, well, it’s noticeable."

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SlapHappyJesus1376d ago

I honestly preferred this one over the second. The original is still largely my favorite, but I rather liked three.
Two did absolutely nothing for me.

born_naughty1376d ago

I agree. But I have never played the original. When I bought my Xbox 360 only 2 years ago I bought Fable II and III with it. Didn't like two at all. 3 was fun, although limited in options I genuinely wanted to save Albion.

700p1376d ago

Ya fable 3 was a fun game. Same as the other two.

dennett3161376d ago

I liked 3 for what it was, but what it was was a dumbed down version of Fable 2. What I got was a partially finished game that I think was rushed out the else do you explain that awful King mode? Skipped forward so quickly it was barely even worth bothering with...and they had the cheek to claim that it was half the game. Nonsense.

Still has the same Fable charm, but the story is over too quickly, it's a much easier game than even Fable 2, and it's dumbed down and scaled back insofar as there's a lot less customisation, lot less clothing options or new loot, and the interaction with NPC's has also been dumbed down. You used to have to talk to people in specific ways in order to get them to like you, in 3 it was the same old canned animations no matter who you were talking to...way too many times did I end up dancing with guards in a romantic way because it was only one of a couple of options you could select.
I breezed through the game without dying too, so the difficulty was WAY too easy.

poppinslops1376d ago

I liked the orchestra of Gnomes.

jyang1375d ago

Finding those things was THE struggle.