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Metro :

"If you know what Dynasty Warriors is then you already know exactly what to expect of this game. We’ve seen many Zelda fans and Wii U owners trying to convince themselves that this would be something more substantial, but despite a few minor improvements to the formula this is just as shallow and repetitive as the Warriors games have always been. And we really can’t understand why the team-up ever seemed like a good idea to Nintendo.

Given its niche appeal in the West there’s actually a good chance you haven’t heard of Dynasty Warriors before, but the fact that it’s so easy to describe is part of the problem. The closet point of comparison is a 3D version of old school scrolling beat ‘em-ups like Final Fight, in terms of both the limited number of moves, the equally limited intelligence of your enemies, and the intense repetition of the gameplay."

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weekev151375d ago

Oh dear what an uninformed review. Clearly figured that somehow this was going to be a fully fledged Zelda game. I know everyone is entitled to an opinion but why get someone who clearlyhates Warriors to review a warriors game. Itd be like asking me to review Halo, immediately starting in a bad place.

3-4-51375d ago (Edited 1375d ago )

* There is a similar article on the front page of Yahoo right now.

Guess who write it......


Polygon HAS NO Integrity, Ethics or Morales, and either does this "site" for printing it.

We see through your BS Polygon, Nobody respects you guys anymore. Your washed up.

marloc_x1375d ago

Fair enough. I am gonna enjoy it thoroughly..

Xof1375d ago

You'll notice there are a half-dozen competent reviews on the first page of N4G right now, and this is the only one with any comments.

If you're going to complain about hitbaiting drivel like this, take a step back and realize that it only exist because of YOUR patronage and all those like you.

pcz1375d ago (Edited 1375d ago )

its not uninformed- metro are not newbies, they have been doing this for a very, very long time. back when the internet didnt even exist, actually. they are from all the way back in the teletext days and are highly respected for their up-front and painfully honest reviews.

people in the know are well aware of this, others from a different generation who are used to journalists praising every major game that comes their way wont understand this thing called 'totally unbiased reviewing.'

you may disagree with the review and write it off as uninformed, but once you play the game you will realsise that actually, metro are right. nobody wants to hear it, (or maybe has the balls to say it) because its a zelda game, but sometimes these things have to be said.

i also believe in this type of reviewing, because that is what people need- honesty, after all, we are paying in our hard earned money for these games.

i always had my doubts about this game, even though it does look good, and although i am seeing a lot of positive reviews for the game, metro's review is the one i know is the no-nonsense one.

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RAFFwaff1375d ago ShowReplies(4)
chrissx1375d ago

Lmao, what a troll review

Gamer19821375d ago

Metro is a national newspaper not a troll site.

wonderfulmonkeyman1375d ago ShowReplies(2)
crusf1375d ago

Gaming journalism has really gone down the shitter.

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