Adult women are now the largest demographic in gaming

Jodie Rodgers: "Congratulations are in order for all you older ‘gamer girls’ out there; it appears you’ve reached the top."

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ContinuePlay1553d ago (Edited 1553d ago )

That sounds to us more that she doesn't want to be called a gamer, purely because she doesn't want to associate herself with the culture - despite admitting that plenty of women play games.

The violence correlation stuff is a complete tangent that is irrelevant.

It's true that games are primarily made by, and marketed to, men; but all that proves is that it's a male-dominated industry, not that the community itself is male-dominated.

PureSophistry1553d ago

Agreed, she only cites two studies and makes ABSURD correlative connections.

But she is correct in dismantling the ESRB survey- Adult Women are NOT the largest growing demographic of gamers that play between 2-5 and 10-20 hours a week.

The industry is changing, but the rancid core that sometimes does possess terrifying tropes persists.

I agree with your core principle:

Let's develop a discussion!

DragonKnight1553d ago

Your possible conclusion is as flawed as you claim hers to be, the difference is she has an academic background to back hers.

Adult women are only the largest demographic in gaming when you expand gaming to include literally everything up to and including minesweeper and computer solitaire.

Being the largest demographic doesn't mean anything when the core gamer, of which is most assuredly mostly male, spends the most on the industry and remains the longest.

These studies by the ESA are so poorly done and only exist for singular purpose of publishers attempting to justify to their shareholders why they are going certain routes with their business models.

Darkwatchman1553d ago

Now there's a feminist non-gamer that's not an idiot

MoveTheGlow1553d ago

lol, yes, because if you want an authoritative view on gamers, just ask the American Enterprise Institute. Excuse me while I go get my flat tire repaired at a Starbucks.

DragonKnight1553d ago

And of course, the flip side is if you want an authoritative view on gamers, just ask Anita Sarkeesian right? Or about 2200 people like the ESA?

2cents1553d ago

Thank you so much for posting that link!

I have been so angered by all that has happened surrounding gamergate and these attacks on gamers that my rational head is buried in a haze of confusion and anger. This video so eloquently explains my and countless other gamers thoughts. I wish this video could reach the masses! Although by posting it on n4g you have already done a great service to us. People who watch this, try to get behind this logic with intelligence and just don't troll the haters any more. Don't give them reasons to try to infiltrate our lifestyle choices.

christian hour1553d ago

Where was this video last month when we needed it? An actual unbiased look at the industry, from a middle aged educated woman no less.

I'm just as angry when I see a macho muscley gruff male lead as I am when I see a scantily clad female sidekick.

But it's in all aspects of mainstream entertainment, there's plenty of great work below (and sometimes luckily, above) the radar that caters to both genders equally and has something to say about the human condition. Or sometimes about the elvish and orc condition. And these are the games I tend to play, the books I tend to read and the movies I tend to watch.

When I see a meet the spartans, an oprah book club best seller or a call of duty I just roll my eyes and get back to whatever it was I was doing, because I fully understand things aimed for a wide and broad audience tends to be watered down and say nothing about anything, its only further glorifying the idea that focus groups are a thing that still exist and sometimes those focus groups are full of misogynistic idiots from a bygone era raised on focus group entertainment, its a vicious cycle I guess.

DragonKnight1553d ago

"I'm just as angry when I see a macho muscley gruff male lead as I am when I see a scantily clad female sidekick."

Sounds like you need to stop gaming I'd say.

christian hour1553d ago


Plenty of games that don't have that kinda stuff so I think i'll stick around. Of course you'd realise thats where I stand if you'd taken the rest of my post on board instead of concentrating on the aspect you quoted.

I see it in all facets of entertainment regardless of medium. And I just push through it to the good, soulful stuff.

3-4-51553d ago

* A HUGE % of those women are playing games like Candy Crush & Farmville though.

Those should be separate stats.

BattleTorn1553d ago

"But now, gamers are dealing with a new army of critics: gender activists and hipsters with degrees in cultural studies."

Shots fired, shots fired!

ShaunCameron1553d ago

In other words, Marxist spoiled brats.

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annoyedgamer1553d ago (Edited 1553d ago )

No they are not, Pay 2 win mobile and facebook games that seem to draw females in like moths to a flame DO NOT COUNT.

DeadRabbits1553d ago (Edited 1553d ago )

A Game is a Game and a Gamer is a Gamer no matter what Gender.

The problem is that there are now people whom want to categorize gamers into subgroups based on gender, what next Race or Religion?

Is it right to start saying X amount gamers are Black vs Y amount of White?


I played PONG as a 6 Year Old on an Atari 2600 and I consider myself one of the first generation of gamers, so Yes they are one of the first mobile gamers!

Pintheshadows1553d ago (Edited 1553d ago )

By your logic, someone who only played Snake on a Nokia 3210 is also a gamer.

The fact is, there are different degrees of everything. The tags have nothing to do with a gender either. There are both male/trans/female people who take part in this activity to varying degrees.

Using the everyone that plays a game is a gamer logic all games should be marketed to everyone. They aren't though. Everyone has different tastes and interests and whilst I disagree with segregating our community based on sex or race (which is a truly abhorrent idea) the tags will always exist. 'Casual and Hardcore' And the hardcore will always sneer at the casuals, as we are the gaming equivalent of movie snobs.

And lets face it, it would also be insane to attempt to market a game like Outlast to my 60 year old mother.

@DeadRabbits Your edit addressed none of my points at all. You really think playing Snake makes someone a gamer? Your requirements are too low my friend. And good for you. I also played Pong on an Atari 2600. The difference is that was the PINNACLE of gaming back then. That is no longer true.

The likes of Candy Crush are stepping stones at best. And if they get people to buy some serious kit then good, but if that is all they play, I am sorry, but they are a 'casual'. They are doing nothing to move the industry forward by investing in truly brilliant experiences. They aren't going to be buying games that will help the industry to move forward and evolve. They are buying cash cows exclusively.

They will never try a Journey.

TekoIie1553d ago (Edited 1553d ago )

You are absolutely right. A game is a game. However the reason for doing a study like this is to analyse the market. But we always get extremely vague info.

We have so many studies telling us who is playing, but not what they are playing and where they are playing.

MoveTheGlow1553d ago (Edited 1553d ago )

@tekolie, I wonder how much "what they are playing and where they are playing" actually matters.

Big game publishers releasing $60 games have their target demographics in mind - they're not going anywhere, and they have that detailed data you're looking for as proprietary information. Often that type of data in other industries is released in an expensive paywalled trade report meant for other business insiders. Look into Nielsen PRIZM to see the types of groups that are most likely targeted by games - their up-to-date data on the groups is paywalled, sure, but some of their definitions are at least available.

And what if 60% of all gamers are only using iPhones and games costing $0-$7? Does that mean they're not gamers? Mobile gamers may be exploited via Candy Crush as console gamers are exploited via day-one DLC or season passes for crap stuff down the line. Mobile gamers can be pretty freaking hardcore in games like Super Hexagon or Wayward Souls, or really casual in Angry Birds. Console gamers can be pretty freaking hardcore in games like Dark Souls 2 or really casual in single-player Call of Duty campaigns.

I think it's more important to know that "gamers" on the whole are diverse, and that there are women out there to make games for - the exactly what-and-when about it is often kept behind closed doors, but such is capitalism.

Reaon1553d ago (Edited 1553d ago )

By that logic, a board game is also part of gaming.

My sister played Monopoly once.. she's such a hardcore gamer.

MoveTheGlow1553d ago

I'd be remiss to not include my friends who play 5-6 hour sessions of Arkham Horror or Caylus in a "gamer" category. Or the top Go players, for that matter. Yes, board game players are gamers, as people who read Web news articles or eBooks are still readers.

TekoIie1553d ago (Edited 1553d ago )


I absolutely agree with you.

I was really trying to highlight how you can't start or end the conversation with this simple bit of information.

If anyone wants this discussion to move forward there needs to be more public info. At this point in gaming though I feel as though demographics are FAR less defined by biological differences than it used to be.

Which really is what confuses me about the whole conversation. Gamers have all sorts of backgrounds and interests to the point where being Male, Female, White or Black become irrelevant to whether you like something or not. (In fact I'd argue that goes far beyond gaming these days in the western world at least.)

SilentNegotiator1553d ago

The pope's elbow once rubbed against a joystick. The pope is a gamer.

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ContinuePlay1553d ago

A game is a game is a game.

Tex1171553d ago

Really? Do you honestly believe that?

There is no difference in the type of consumer between an only angry bird player and an only Call of Duty player?

DefenderOfDoom21553d ago

Someone should to do a survey on console gamers.

XtraTrstrL1553d ago

Yea, a place I worked a few months back was full of middle-aged women playing Candy Crush all day on their smartphones. Going back and forth on how to get past certain stages. I'm not sure that should be included in the argument of women being the largest demographic, if they only play certain smartphone games and don't touch consoles or even deeper gamer games on iOS/android. It's just a way to try and make devs look bad and like they're excluding females unfairly.

I don't mind games pushing for more females as main characters, but I hate it when devs are being yelled at and forced to change their creative view by some random feminist groups that don't even come off as gamers. For instance, the Assassin's Creed Unity trailer comes out, then immediately afterwards there's dozens of angry feminist articles about there being no female assassins. Now we know there are female assassin's in the game, but they couldn't hold their breath for a second just because the original trailer didn't show any. That is very annoying.

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