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"If you’re looking to form an argument that Hyrule Warriors is “just fan service” as a negative criticism, you’re wasting your breath. However novel this Dynasty Warriors-meets-Legend of Zelda game is conceptually, once you open that first chest and Link thrusts that treasure toward the camera, you realize that this is a Legend of Zelda spin-off worth taking seriously. Sometimes it’s these left-field concepts that make the most sense. There’s a reason why Link was the most well-received character out of the three console-exclusive fighters in Soul Calibur II. And if you know your Legend of Zelda history, seeing the title character herself hold her own in a crowd-based beat-em-up isn’t at all unusual. Hyrule Warriors isn’t “just” fan service: it’s pure fan service."

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ape0071376d ago

LMAAAAAAOOOOO! Accordingyrule Warrioirs to Gamespot, Hyrule Warriors is as good as The Last Of Us, LOOOOOL!

ape0071376d ago

according to gamespot*

PygmelionHunter1376d ago

Well, according to like 60% of N4G users, TLOU is last gen's best game and some of those users even claim it's the best game of all time.

I find such claims to be laughable, but in the end, they're just opinions and nothing else, just like this review.

TongkatAli1376d ago

Nah @Pyg... whatever, Last Of Us got Game Of Year awards left and right. This game won't even win flavor of the month.

Nevers0ft1376d ago (Edited 1376d ago )

They can't both be good in their respective genres? Grow up.

ape0071376d ago Show
Nevers0ft1376d ago

@ape007 Review scores are entirely subjective, it's not a scientific assessment of the game. Would you be happier of Hyrule Warriors got 7.9 instead?

Hyrule Warriors getting good reviews doesn't denigrate The Last of Us or affect your enjoyment of it.

user3672721376d ago (Edited 1376d ago )

Great score ....might have a chance to be Game of the month for September

Loadedklip1376d ago (Edited 1376d ago )

You guys do know that not everyone loved Last of Us right? It's all a matter of opinion.

Last of Us overall got amazing reviews.
Hyrule Warriors overall is getting pretty good reviews.

But these are the averages. You can find individual reviews are going to go to both extremes of highs and lows for any game.

No single review should matter more to you than your own personal review no matter how many people agree or disagree with you.

GameDev11376d ago

"Hyrule Warriors overall is getting pretty good reviews"

Errr no, it is actually getting mixed reviews, look at the others below this, there are some 7/10

Loadedklip1376d ago

A 7 out of 10 is labeled as "good" on most sites.

SoapShoes1376d ago

There have been 6/10s and one 5/10. It is mixed but that doesn't mean much to me as I love Dynasty Warriors. And surely not everyone cared for Last of Us, that doesn't mean it wasn't masterfully crafted and not deserving of praise even if you aren't a fan of it. No game is for everyone. I simply do not like GTA any more but I can tell how well GTA5 is crafted and know it's not a poor game.

Metallox1376d ago

7/10 is good or regular.

Geekman1376d ago

Wait, so a site as critical of Nintendo games as Gamespot gives this game a 8/10, but Metro gives it a 4/10?