Chinese Xbox One Games Contain A One-Time Activation Code, Cannot Be Resold

Xbox One’s software in China will contain a single-use activation code, therefore preventing its games from being resold, according to photos posted on the ali213 gaming forums.

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Webbyy1070d ago

Ouch is right.. but somehow part of me believe this is something the Chinese government had a say into.

I don't think this one is on MS..

jmac531070d ago

I'm sure if that was the case, MS was more than happy to oblige.

BattleTorn1070d ago (Edited 1070d ago )

I feel you're right, but I can't imagine MS put up much of fight.... seeing as this was what they originally wanted.

^jmac53 beat me to it.

LordMaim1070d ago

Considering this isn't far from Microsoft's original plan for DRM, why would you doubt it was Microsoft's doing?

Fireseed1070d ago

@jmac53 And Battle Torn

You don't argue with the Chinese government. Do you think if Microsoft pushed hard enough it would reform something over there? No. They'd just go about banning consoles again.

Eonjay1070d ago


Its Disagree not Dislike...
I disagree because it is well known that Microsoft has long spoken out against China due to piracy. Microsoft was quoted saying that as much as 95% of revenue was lost due to piracy in China. So, I could DEFINITELY see them doing this if they really believe what they themselves have said on the subject.

BG115791070d ago

Oh look, Microsoft's E3 reveal of 2013 came back like an Chinese terminator.

NatureOfLogic_1070d ago

This is all MS. What better time to test DRM on console. China piracy is an excuse to test their DRM on consoles. China is a test market for MS's original plans for Xbox One.

darthv721070d ago

We will know if it really is the government that imposed this when other consoles get the green light to release in china.

If they too have the same policy for sony and nintendo games then yes....blame the govt.

Pogmathoin1070d ago

You know well if PS4 has the same, in a country that likes to control everything, it will be seen as a smart move by Sony, not DRM. I see this as the government.... they even dictate what google and others can do in China. This is nothing new... oh MS.... drm!!!

bmf73641070d ago

Piracy is no stranger in China, so DRM is something more necessary there than in the West.

turdburgler10801070d ago

Well since the ps4 is being destributed by the same company now expect it on Chinese ps4's as well. Amazing how us western types care so much about how a console in China is going to do. Those folks will be putting legit consoles out one end of the factory while pumping out rip offs on the other. I wonder if they will get a really cool ping pong game.

guitarded771070d ago

I don't know why you're getting disagrees. It's most likely so the Chinese government can keep tabs on who is reading, watching, hearing, etc which game.

MrPink20131070d ago

Once the PS4 comes out at we will know for sure who is responsible.

BlackWolf121070d ago

You know, now that I think about it. The original DRM vision for the Xbox One was probably a plot hatched between Microsoft and the US Government for World Domination.

I don't think we can blame that one on Microsoft either, they probably didn't have a say.

Death1070d ago

The original plan was to allow gamers to rip their store bought games to the HDD and access them like digital downloads. You also had the ability to share these ripped games with friends online. DRM is used in all game consoles, it isn't unique to the Xbox One. The reason we can't play games that install on the HDD without the disc is due to the disc based DRM they use. What was unique about the DRM Microsoft planned was it made game sharing possible with out passing around physical media.

Games could still be traded, but they needed to be unlocked from Microsofts online database. This was only possible at authorized retailers.

Ra30301070d ago

This is all on Microsoft the Chinese Government IMO had nothing to do with this little gem. Microsoft is use the Chinese games as a beta DMR run. See how it goes before they make it the norm for the rest of their gamers.

mananimal1070d ago


41 agreeable sheeple and counting.....42...43..44...etc

You have to be brain dead to not see how this benefits MS and how it was at least partially there idea also....SMH lol

mananimal1070d ago (Edited 1070d ago )

Double post. Oops

chuckyj11070d ago (Edited 1070d ago )

Wonder if all these dislikes will happen if Sony has to do the same thing... Nope. Then there will be a bunch of people saying $ony has to do it.

The very fact X1 is also region locked makes me think it's Chinese Govt policies. Because, the Chinese Govt. has to approve every game launched in the Country that is why it's region locked, otherwise Chinese could simply import games effectively evading the Govt oversight of games sold in its Country. The X1 is not region locked any where else where it has launched.

We will see the policies of the PS4 when it launches in China. I suspect a lot of people on this forum will look stupid.

mmcglasson1070d ago

I will say, I don't know why you are getting dislikes. Obviously MS had to implement it but it's highly possible the Chinese government requested this. Not that MS would fight it, but it's likely MS wasn't going to say... oh hey China btw you are the only country that can't trade in or sell your games you beat...

XB1_PS41070d ago

I love the back and forth..


None of you know.

Alsybub1070d ago


I don't know why you're getting so many disagrees. That's exactly what the plan was.

People didn't like the fact that they couldn't then trade their games and so MS dropped it.

For me, at least, it would have been much more convenient to be able to find a disc copy of a game at a competitive price from a retailer and then install it on the Xbox and play without the need for the constant disc swapping. As far as lending is concerned it would have been great because a friend could download the game from the store and play it with your permission. Much better than the convoluted share play on PS4.

Godmars2901069d ago

Even though this sounds very much like the original DRM?

I mean restricting systems to one user is just one step further over restricting games.

morganfell1069d ago

It may not be the government but rather Microsoft:

"The news of the Xbox One launch price last week was met with a surprising level of positivity from China’s gamer community. The reason, in part, was that although Microsoft hadn’t announced anything, some e-commerce sites were advertising the system would not be region locked.

But those ads have since been revised, and Microsoft China VP Xie Enwei made it very clear that the console and its games will be totally region locked.

Specifically, according to Sina Games, Xie said that Chinese Xbox One games will not be playable on other Xbox One consoles. Similarly, Xbox One games and apps from other regions cannot be downloaded or run on the official Chinese Xbox One.

In other words, Chinese gamers who’ve already purchased an imported Xbox One will need to buy a new console if they want to play any of console’s official China titles. Similarly, Chinese gamers who were hoping to import foreign Xbox titles to play on their official Chinese Xbox Ones are out of luck."

raymantalk11069d ago (Edited 1069d ago )


are you a 5 year old ?

why would the chinese goverment want a single use activation code it would have no gain for them, it would only benifit MS or the game companies who make the games you complete idiot! lol

jerjef1069d ago

We'll certainly see if Sony has to do it as well. If so, it's a good thing they patented that anti-used game tech back in 2012 for the PS4. That's some good forward thinking Sony.

fr0sty1069d ago (Edited 1069d ago )

China embraces piracy, it's one of the worst nations out there when it comes to piracy. Most of their products are shameless knockoffs of other more popular products, and you can find pirated movies and such being sold on a massive scale over there. To say this was done at the request of the Chinese government is ridiculous.

Darrius Cole1069d ago


They tried this everywhere else. It just didn't work anywhere else. It's what they wanted to do all along.

Perhaps they wanted to go into China all along and this was the reason for their DRM in the beginning, because of Chinese piracy. But this is Microsoft's doing, not the Chinese government.

jerjef1069d ago

What's with the disagrees for my comment? What I said was true.

Enigma_20991069d ago

Rrrriiiiiiight. So instead of banning games flat out, they're gonna do MS a solid and ban resale of games.

Yeah, I don't see Microsoft having anything to do with this. [/sarcasm]

Godmars2901069d ago

It doesn't matter that Sony put out a patient in regards to DRM. What does is that they saw the heat that MS was getting for it months ahead of the official announcement and backed down from any plans to introduce it.

Whereas MS ignored months of internet chatter and went ahead anyway.

What you and others need to be concerned about is when BS like this happens again. Because it will happen again.