Game of the Month: August 2014

Critically Sane selects its August game of the month, from two contenders, Madden NFL 15 and Diablo III: Ultimate Evil Edition.

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generalthadeape1551d ago

I actually hated this game on PC-- even got banned from Bizzard's forums for complaining too much about real money auction house, error codes, frame rate studdering and stuff like that.

Ended up trading my copy of Destiny for Xbox One for Diablo 3 and never looked back.

The game plays buttery smooth, the control scheme works quite well and I have never had a problem with the internet connect not even one single time.

Diablo 3 is an example of how a game stumbles upon launch and makes gamers angry. As long as a developer cares enough to make substantial changes to thier game when this happens, there is always hope that gamers will come back and be happy.

Now, my advice to Bungie this, "It's time to fix your Destiny shit!". 'Nuff said.