Halo 2: Anniversary's campaign currently runs at 30fps – but 343 promises it'll be 60fps at launch

Halo 2: Anniversary's campaign doesn't currently run at 60fps, but 343 Industries promises that the full game will hit its 60fps target come its release in November.

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pornflakes1369d ago

Great news for all halo fans :)!

This package will be the best in 2014!

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Christopher1369d ago

@KNWS: Technically KZ:SF is 1080p. It's just not native. Even in multiplayer every frame is sent as a 1080p image to the user. The only thing they did was generate it with software by combining half of the last frame with half of the current frame. You people who don't understand this really need to stop, it's making you look extremely ignorant.

Again, every frame sent to the user, both SP and MP, was 1080p. The only difference is that for MP, they generated a 1080p by blending the frames.s

BX811369d ago

I agree no need to drag kz into this. However since you kept the trend going so shall I. Halo 2 could be 30fps 900p and it would still crap on the kz trilogy and I really liked kz3

Mkai281369d ago

Guess it's no small thing to have two engines running at the same time @ 1080p 60fps.

GodGinrai1369d ago

yup. Just imagine what halo 5 is gonna be like..that game will only have to run one engine at 1080P/60FPS. along with software improvements to the dev tools and DX12, it will look pretty snazzy! :)

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Intentions1369d ago

Pretty much a must buy, 4 games in one :D

rigo85821369d ago (Edited 1369d ago )

I wish they would give the player the option if they want both engines running at the same time for seamless transition or be able to pick which one through the option menu like the Halo CE remaster.

I personally only switched between the two in the beginning to see the difference, then played the rest of the game with the enhanced visuals. For me I would rather have the performance boost instead of being to switch from old and new seamlessly.

Either way I'm getting it day one.

Dark_Vendetta1369d ago

Well if they manage a steady 60 fps there is no need for that option.

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The story is too old to be commented.