'Gears Of War' Movie To Be Directed By Len Wiseman - Is That A Good Thing?

MTV Movies Blog writes: "I'll leave it to my esteemed colleagues at MTV's Multiplayer blog to weigh in the potential for "Gears of War" as a movie property. But I certainly can weigh in on Len "I'm more than Kate Beckinsale's husband" Wiseman. If you'd asked me a year ago where Mr. Wiseman ranked in the pantheon of genre filmmakers I'd have put him about on par with Steven Sommers (you know, the guy that made a movie starring Hugh Jackman as a monster hunter interminable). Before last summer Wiseman was the guy who couldn't make me interested in a vampire/werewolf movie starring the aforementioned Beckinsale in skin-tight leather.

BUT then came "Live Free or Die Hard," an actual honest to goodness breath of fresh wacked-out action air. Sure it was silly. Sure it wasn't exactly memorable. But it was entertaining as hell. Len Wiseman, maybe you've got something after all. And now it's on to "Gears of War" for Len. The little I know of the game makes it sound like a cool and attractive template for a kick-ass action flick."

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nice_cuppa3829d ago

underworld 2 wasn't !

as long as he only directs it should be fine !

cmrbe3829d ago

for liking Underworld hehe. Man alot of my friends hate it though but i though 1 especially had a pretty entertaining story.

aaquib53829d ago

I'll let Resistance 2 the game, and MGS4 the movie, fill my video game needs.

socomnick3829d ago

Congratulations you have made a comment that has absolutely no relevance to the topic or the discussion. So answer me this how does it feel to be a absolute and complete Moron.

cmrbe3829d ago

I feel the same as well. Iron Man is the only entertaining movie i have seen in a while. I think hollywood have run out of ideas.

meepmoopmeep3829d ago (Edited 3829d ago )

kate is hot.

i think he'll do a good job on the film

Pp p3829d ago

Gears of war 2 = goty 08
Gears of war movie = movie of the century

Thoas3829d ago (Edited 3829d ago )

The only way to see it in true Hi Def when it comes out on disc is Blu-Ray. So you fail!

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The story is too old to be commented.