Forza Horizon 2 Preview - More Than Racing (GotGame)

"Xbox One users have now the great opportunity to try out the new Forza Horizon 2 demo ahead of the game’s official release date. As an avid gamer, I couldn’t say no to this great offer — and I found myself downloading the 10GB demo for the upcoming racing title. But why so much space for just a demo? Well, because Microsoft is not only handing away a demo, it’s giving a full preview of the game, based on which you can simply make a decision whether to buy it or not."

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SteamPowered1374d ago

Hey Microsoft, maybe its about time to release Forza on Pc. You made the exception for Ryse and Dead Rising 3. How about a little Pc love?

Lenrulesdaworld1374d ago

Hell no, those were thrid party unowned Ip's. Stay exclusive move units, thats the correct only move to make right now this gen.

SteamPowered1374d ago

Microsoft said at the beginning of the year that they would support PC in a big way. I think now is their chance. Not that I believe a word of Ms loving the Pc. They have been playing that tune since the 90's and still no Pc love.

Charybdis1374d ago (Edited 1374d ago )

Well they did showcase forza 5 converted to pc with help of dx12. so might but not likely to happen and if so not before forza 5 releases on pc.

Dlacy13g1374d ago

Hey about you buy an Xbox One and support the IP that way instead? ...door swings both ways... I am just saying.

mhunterjr1374d ago (Edited 1374d ago )

They didn't release those games on PC. The IP owners did.

With the reception the FH2 demo has been getting on xb1, I wouldn't hold your breath for a PC port. It looks like this game might help sell a few consoles... Less so if it was announced for PC.

shloobmm31374d ago

They continue to fine tune Direct x 12. That sounds like PC love to me. So they don't release many first party games for the pc, they still do a lot for the pc space.

Lenrulesdaworld1374d ago

What I mean by that is sure continue putting 3rd party titles on there but major exclusive can't or they'd be cutting their own foot off. Make new exclusives for windows, not steam or mac. If they want to continue their success as a game & console developer they need to stop putting console exclusives on pc.

user3672721374d ago (Edited 1374d ago )

How bout you go buy an xb1 to supplement your gaming rig like I did so you don't have to wonder if it have a chance of going on pc or not.

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On Topic, has anyone played the Beta... It's absolutely AMAZING!

urwifeminder1374d ago

Put 3hrs into it tonight had a blast.

Illusive_Man1374d ago (Edited 1374d ago )

It is the best racer this Fall.

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