Media Create software sales (9/8 – 9/14)

This week's Japanese software sales include first week sales for Smash Bros. 3DS and Destiny.

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Geobros1522d ago

It was true 1,000,000 for Smash Bros finally. I hope to see nice numbers to the west too.

MightyNoX1522d ago

| XB1 | - was 25.764 | Now 3.015
Well, you had a good run.

Super Smash 3DS : 944,644 copies

I say, goddamn!!

1522d ago
Kurisu1522d ago

Amazing numbers for Super Smash Bros, but I don't think anybody expected anything less.

wonderfulmonkeyman1522d ago (Edited 1522d ago )

You would be surprised at what some of the nay-sayers have been expecting.XD

Loadedklip1522d ago

This is the 3DS version so yea, I kinda expected this. Will the Wii U version do as well though is the question.

ABizzel11522d ago

In Japan alone, probably not, but WW I expect Smash on Wii U to hit over 1 million sales in it's first week. Kart and Smash are to Wii U, as Halo and COD are to XB.

They are massive sellers among the core and casual alike for their platform.

bazinga_911522d ago (Edited 1522d ago )

Wow! 91,227 for destiny (ps4). Honestly wasn't expecting this.

Loadedklip1522d ago

Destiny did great on PS4 and PS3.

ABizzel11522d ago (Edited 1522d ago )

After seeing it top a list of games to come (PS3 + PS4 was combined, but PS4 version alone was still high) I expected it to do at least 50k units. Surprised to see almost 100k copies on PS4 alone and 150k between the 2 PS's.

Also surprised to see that not only did it do good, it was a system seller for the PS4 there as well causing numbers to jump from 7,300 up to 23,000.

AWBrawler1522d ago

Smash outsold kart in japan totals already

Loadedklip1522d ago

True but that is a Wii U to 3DS comparison. Everything sees better on 3DS especially in Japan.

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