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GR-UK writes: "That may be wishful thinking, but given 343's building this package as a celebration of Master Chief's career, we can't help but want this to be as comprehensive as possible. But even if it doesn't, the Collection's still a good deal. It's catering for Halo fans who don't want to swap between consoles to get their full fix or budget-wary gamers who want as much content on the disc for their money. Even if you don't stretch to Xbox Live Gold, you've got four meaty campaigns to run through, and a chance to witness the ever-evolving nature of first-person combat."

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mrcreosote1377d ago

Can't wait for this one. Be nice to drag a few of the old Halo crew up a generation too.

VforVideogames1377d ago

I played Halo 2 for a year straight when it first came out and I'm ready to re-live those moments.

FriedGoat1377d ago

Let's hope it doesn't feel dated like the last time I played halo 3.

GodGinrai1377d ago

The king has returned home :)

Septic1377d ago

Oh yeah! This game is going to suck away my time.

GodGinrai1377d ago

One of the things i am really looking forward to also, is big team battle on sand trap...capture the flag. I have so many memories on that map.

I once shot the shell coming out of a rocket launcher and it took out, the shooter and the guy BR toting, guy next to him, from splash damage . one of my sweetest double kills . I gloated about that for days..gotta love that record game feature( was any game doing this on console before halo3 ?).

Or being killed by a an exploding warthog that was barreling towards me, just as I finished killing a guy on the other team ( they were blue)..funniest part? It was one of my team mates that took out that warthog! I was teabagging a guy one second..the next, I turn and BAM! right in the face. too close to react with anything other than "Oh, sh**!" LMAO!

two of my proudest moments:
was going 32-0 on guardian. My sniper game was lethal that day. and when I ran out of bullets, I put the needler, covenant carbine, pistol and and covenant charge pistol to maximum effect. and a few well placed sticky nades :). It was a flawless performance on my part. One which I was never able to repeat, much less surpass.

And getting the stepping razor achievement. killing 3 enemy team mates in 4 seconds with a sword is tricky because the other team must be quite close to each other. I tried for some time..sneaking is pointless, because they are always moving and your own team will scatter them in a scramble for the power weapons on the map. And then it clicked....draw attention to the sword room on the pit. My team mates were willing to assist me in getting this achievement ( helps to have good friends on this game..and I wanted to earn it in an honest way..bragging rights)So they made a swift line for the rocket launcher. I detoured and grabbed the invisibility before heading to the sword room ( cant let one of them take it..they could sneak up on me on my way to the thinking at play). luckily they were distracted in the the parrallel corridor where the launcher was. They got smoked, by my boy sniping. I was waiting in the sword room, invisibility about to run team were right opposite there spawn..and like cowboys herded them towards the sword room/ corner of their spawn where there sniper was ( if one of them had grabbed that in the opening of the match, they might have faired better in getting the rocket launcher. But my boy shut that down). eventually they make a line for the sword, but see me at the ramp with my pistol...sword tucked away :). I back up into the room while firing..making them think I am running out of ammo. Then Shwiiiing! thats one...shwooom! thats two..shhhzzzz! thats three spartans down with the plasma sword. I cackled like a wild demon in that room with their dead bodies..teabagging and slashing..of course the other team can hear me ( halo and that proximity chat! lol)..then I said "thanks guys". I dont think they were aware that I just got my stepping razor achievement, that I wanted so badly! Epic!

being able to play this in 60FPS with improved graphics is going to be a whoa moment for sure. Especially with my clan/close friends. Just like old times...only better. Who needs rose tinted glasses when it really is this good?

Oh, and any of you guys get taken out ( or have ever been taken out) by a precision spartan laser was probably me.

Sorry for the long post. As you can probably tell, Im pretty amped for this game.

Dontworrybhappy1377d ago

Don't they have the multiplayer roulette wheel? Could have sworn they said u could play Halo 2 one match and Halo 4 the next one and so on.

aviator1891377d ago

I'm pretty sure there will be a specific playlist for that.

Volkama1377d ago

Based on player votes rather than roulette wheel, but yes. All tied together with the Halo 2 ranking system though <3

MSBAUSTX1377d ago

This game is the sole reason I still have an XB1. The amount of content and replay value of this one disc is going to keep me busy for countless hours. Thank god it comes out between Hyrule Warriors and Smash Bros U.

aviator1891377d ago

I still can't believe this game exists.
They could have just sold Halo 2A and people would have been happy, but much content. It'll last me for a good time.

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